Hybrid storage solutions

Optimize your storage media mix, including NVMe hybrid flash storage solutions, to achieve the best balance of performance and cost efficiency.

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Hybrid storage tailored to your business needs

Optimizing performance and affordability is a constant challenge. Hybrid storage solutions allow you to achieve this balance with AI-driven placement across your fastest flash and disk devices without compromising data resilience.

With IBM hybrid flash, you cost effectively can meet the data demands while strengthening performance and data availability.

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Improve cost efficiency

Hybrid flash arrays help lower total cost of ownership while meeting workload demands by combining the ideal mix of flash and traditional spinning drives.

Achieve faster performance

Automate data placement across flash and disk devices and deliver fast performance by moving your most frequently used data to your highest speed devices.

Support mixed workloads

Hybrid storage arrays provide the performance required to support critical workloads such as AI and media streaming, along with a variety of deployment models.


Hybrid storage systems built with virtualization and AI Entry-level, affordable hybrid flash storage solutions

FlashSystem 5000H is a cost-effective storage solution designed to boost performance while providing enterprise-grade functionalities.

Explore IBM FlashSystem 5000H
Compact hybrid flash entry storage array with NVMe

FlashSystem 5200H is an affordable, compact hybrid solution designed for enterprise storage requirements, no matter the size of your company. Experience increased functionality and performance in only 1U.

Explore IBM FlashSystem 5200H
Midrange hybrid flash storage arrays with NVMe

FlashSystem 7200H is a cost-optimized, end-to-end NVMe solution with SCM support for flash acceleration and optional hybrid flash expansions for midrange workloads.

Explore IBM FlashSystem 7200H

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