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Bringing together pre-eminent leaders for intimate conversations, our Uncharted Executive Insights Series unpacks and delivers the value of true AI transformation.
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IBM Uncharted | Generative AI for customer experience | Auckland

Join us on 23rd July for an invitation-only lunch at IBM’s Uncharted Executive Insights Series.

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Executive Insights Series
Navigate generative AI for customer experience success

The potential of generative AI is matched only by its complexity. Delivering improved NPS, acquisition and revenue is about more than just technology—it requires an organisation-wide shift in people, processes and ways of working. It’s a path that few leaders have navigated.

At Uncharted, you’ll meet with like-minded executives and global IBM leadership to unpack the challenges, nuances and realities of extracting value from generative AI.

What to expect:

●  Hear learnings from IBM’s own journey in harnessing generative AI for CX

●  Explore repeatable processes and approaches from AI leaders

●  Discuss your organisation’s specific blockers on gaining value from generative AI

Join us for intimate discussions about what it really takes to deliver meaningful value from generative AI for your organisation.


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This is Uncharted: Auckland
23 July 2024 The Parlour, 27 Galway Street, Britomart Register now Learn more
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