IBM has been named a leader in the IDC MarketScape 2021 vendor assessments for SAP and Oracle supply chain ecosystem services.

Transform your supply chain

Global supply chain leaders have been forced to fundamentally rethink traditional ways of working, where the greatest threat in navigating disruptions is acting with yesterday’s logic.

IBM supply chain consulting services can strengthen supply chain management, helping clients build resilient, agile and sustainable supply chains for the future. Our outcomes-driven approach, market-leading technologies and integration capabilities help you evolve your supply chain workflows, hyperautomate decision making and improve profitability, with the human experience and planetary health as essential considerations.

Benefits of supply chain consulting services

Meet rising consumer expectations with a sustainable supply chain

51% of CEOs now rank sustainability as their greatest organizational challenge.

Deliver a differentiated customer experience

Embrace intelligent automation to proactively address disruptions and improve reliability.

Improve agility and visibility

Create resilient and sustainable supply chains that increase transparency, boost productivity, and reduce IT complexity and costs.

Predict disruption and proactively address potential risks

Augment existing planning methods with technologies like AI and immediate data insights to transform from perpetual reactive mode to a proactive approach.

Optimize cost and service efficiencies with data and automation

Transform business processes by tapping the competitive advantages of AI-powered decision-making.

Power revenue growth through supply chain availability and service

Over the past three years, supply chain Innovators report 34% more revenue growth and 326% more profitability than their peers.

Strategic partnerships

IBM Consulting and SAP

Engineer working on a turbine

Supply chain transformation with SAP

IBM Consulting is driving the next generation of SAP to define and deliver digital transformation — backed by a business case that supports your move to SAP S/4HANA, RISE and the intelligent enterprise.

IBM Consulting and Oracle

IBM Cognitive Enterprise Business Platform for Oracle Cloud Demo

IBM Cognitive Enterprise Business Platform for Oracle Cloud Demo (03:58)

Oracle supply chain transformation

IBM delivers SCM 4.0 outcomes to create resilience, be more responsive to and interconnected with ecosystems and partners, and to deliver sustainability by optimizing logistics networks and carbon footprints.

IBM Consulting and Celonis

Crossroad seen from above

Intelligent workflows with Celonis

Transform your supply chain organization through process mining and intelligent workflows.

Supply chain resources

Managing supply chain volatility

Listen to Smart Talks, Malcolm and Jonathan Wright, Global Managing Partner for Supply Chain Consulting at IBM, about demand forecasting and other technologies that manufacturers and vendors are using to make their supply chains more resilient.

Create operational resiliency

Supply chains that leverage AI and other emerging tracking technologies can help companies maintain business continuity amid disruption and uncertainty.

Supply chain blogs

You'll find links to all IBM supply chain–related blogs, covering topics ranging from digital transformation of the supply chain to inventory disruption.

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