Total Economic Impact™ study

Learn how WebSphere Liberty customers saw 195% ROI, 50% developer and 40% IT admin productivity improvement.


Use cases

Modernize and simplify

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Modernize and simplify

Reduce capital and operational costs and simplify management.  Modernize to Liberty, Microservices, Containers and Cloud with the no-cost Transformation Advisor and Mono2Micro tools available with IBM WebSphere Hybrid Edition.

Build new cloud-native apps

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Build new cloud-native apps

Use the latest Java EE, Jakarta EE, and MicroProfile APIs to build cloud-native apps on premises or in the cloud. Adopt open source Open Liberty, supported by IBM with your WebSphere Liberty license.

Create a multicloud environment

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Create a multicloud environment

Your WebSphere Liberty license is portable between cloud service providers. Deploy wherever your business dictates, easily move apps across cloud services, regardless of IT architectural environment.


Simplify administration

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First-class source-to-image, Kubernetes Operator, and Buildpack support help simplify Kubernetes deployments and day-2 operations. Add IBM WebSphere Automation for AI-automated management of your security posture.

Increase developer productivity

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Integration with popular IDEs and a rapid inner-loop code, compile, test cycle, including in containers, increase developer productivity and production quality.

Improve infrastructure use

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Liberty’s high throughput, self-tuning, and smaller footprint help reduce infrastructure costs by improving server density.

Customer success stories


FlowFactor helped a transport provider modernize apps and cut deployment times > 99% with WebSphere Liberty.


WebSphere Liberty helped Hera convert a monolithic application to a flexible microservice architecture.


WebSphere Liberty helped GBM provide an environment for customers to modernize their applications to flexible microservice architectures.