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Get to know multicloud management

Multicloud management is the ability to manage multiple data centers or clouds—public or private—as if in a single environment. With 71 percent of enterprises using three or more clouds, it’s become the key to enterprise agility. But working across multiple clouds from multiple vendors poses challenges. Get a quick take on the challenges below or go deeper into understanding multicloud management.

Multiple clouds bring big challenges

How to get the best visibility into multicloud environments


With numerous clusters on more than one cloud from more than one provider, you need a clear view into exactly what’s running where.


Get better security and governance across multiple clouds

Security and governance

You need to set consistent security policies across environments and manage workloads based on compliance or capacity.



When you have a multicloud strategy, automation allows you to deploy applications across clouds.


To deploy applications across environments, you need automation, including backup and disaster recovery options and the ability to move workloads.


IBM Multicloud Manager is an all-in-one solution

With built-in security and compliance, IBM Multicloud Manager simplifies and organizes large environments. It helps reduce management costs, provides a choice in target environments and increases governance. With its multi-cluster approach to application deployment—both cloud-native and modernized—workloads can be automatically deployed across clusters with full governance and manageability.

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See how IBM Multicloud Manager brings visibility, security and governance

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