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Develop an app toolchain

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Develop an app toolchain

Develop and deploy an app to a Kubernetes cluster managed by IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service. A sample Node.js app is used by default, but you can link to your repository in Git Repos and Issue Tracking.

TensorFlow on Kubernetes

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TensorFlow on Kubernetes

Learn how to build your own data set and train a model for image classification. The models are available in TensorFlow and are run on a Kubernetes cluster.

Create single-node chatbots

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Create single-node chatbots

Create a pizza order chatbot, using a single node for input. After implementing this code, you will have the knowledge to create your own IBM Watson® Assistant slots.


Node.js in Kubernetes

The author covers key tasks developers must complete to build Node.js apps in a cloud-native manner.

Deploy CF apps natively

Learn to use the cf-operator pattern to deploy and manage Cloud Foundry apps natively on a cluster.

Deploy apps with Tekton

Learn how to build and deploy an app to a Kubernetes cluster on IBM Cloud, using a Tekton pipeline.

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