Key features

What IBM Cloud® Block Storage offers

Endurance provisioning

Support a range of application needs with simple, predefined, per-gigabyte pricing tiers to 48,000 IOPS. Endurance tiers are ideal for most workloads.

Performance provisioning

Meet rapid data changes. Control storage capacity and total IOPS/storage volume. Provision storage in increments up to 12 TB and 48,000 IOPS maximum.

Expandable volumes and adjustable IOPS

Raise or lower your IOPS and expand existing volumes in real time to accommodate dynamic workload needs. Pay only for what you need, when you need it.

Snapshots and replication

Capture point-in-time snapshots and replicate them to other data centers for business continuity.

Volume duplication

Create a new, independent, duplicate volume of an existing volume from a snapshot, without stopping host I/O or replication. Manage it like any volume.

Data-at-rest encryption

Provider-managed encryption at rest by default protects your data at no additional cost or impact to performance.

Concurrent access, high availability, durability

Mount block devices simultaneously in clustering configurations with redundant Multipath I/O connections. Avoid data loss during maintenance or failures.

Data center availability

Flash-backed storage, data-at-rest encryption, snapshots and replication, volume duplication, expandable volumes and adjustable IOPS are available in 6 global regions.

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