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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of private cloud over to the public cloud?

The public cloud depends on computing resources from an external hosting provider, which may be shared with their other clients. Private cloud resources are hosted only on your own premises, so they're inherently more secure. You choose the firewalls, server hardware, storage systems, network routers and switches, and pick your cloud computing software too.

IBM Cloud Private allows companies to create cloud environment behind their firewalls to maintain control of data and workloads while gaining the agility to quickly launch and update apps. At the same time, IBM Cloud Private is built on Kubernetes-based container architecture to allow seamless migration of workloads to public clouds as needs change.

See how IBM Cloud Private helped Coda General securely build next-gen apps. (YouTube, 02:37)

What sort of organisations benefit from using IBM Cloud Private?

IBM Cloud Private suits organisations that are focused on security, compliance and cost-effectiveness. It can increase the speed and flexibility of provision, and allow you to assign resources to applications as demand changes. IBM Cloud Private is especially suited to industries like healthcare and finance that need to control core data and workloads for security, compliance and availability requirements.

Why should I consider IBM Cloud Private?

IBM Cloud Private gives you the best of both worlds: the accessibility of the public cloud and the safety of using your own firewall-protected data center. It helps you quickly develop cloud-native apps and update your current workloads in a highly secure environment while maintaining complete control.

With IBM Cloud Private, enterprises can leverage their on-premises software portfolio, enabled with container-based technology for more agile delivery and operational simplicity. 

Learn how Ilmarinen, Finland’s oldest pension company, started its transformation with IBM Cloud Private. (YouTube, 04:00)

What can I do with IBM Cloud Private?

Besides rapid app development, IBM Cloud Private helps you comply with regulatory requirements, customise your cloud environment to suit your specific needs, and seamlessly integrate with your existing enterprise services. Typical uses of IBM Cloud Private include:

  • Opening up your data center to gain access to the platform and services that easily integrate within and across the cloud.
  • Modernising heritage apps to be cloud-enabled in a microservice architecture, and keeping your system running in a more sustainable development
  • Creating new, portable microservice-based applications that you build, deploy, and easily manage with IBM Cloud Private.

Which IBM Cloud Private solution is right for my business?

The configuration possibilities for IBM Cloud Private are vast, so the best course of action is to talk to the IBM Sales Team. They'll work with you to determine what your needs are and which IBM Cloud Private configuration can best help you meet your objectives. 

There are three IBM Cloud Private versions:

  • IBM Cloud Private - Community is available as a no-charge trial for nonproduction environments.
  • IBM Cloud Private - Cloud Native allows you to develop and deploy cloud native applications
  • IBM Cloud Private - Enterprise can be used to modernise your existing applications. With its new containerised versions of IBM middleware, organisations can optimise existing investments and modernise applications to help accelerate future business innovation.

Learn more about the different versions of IBM Cloud Private.


Can I try IBM Cloud Private before committing to purchase?

Absolutely. You can install IBM Cloud Private - Community at no charge, with no obligations or sales pitches. Download IBM Cloud Private - Community today.

How does IBM Cloud Private compare with other private cloud solutions?

IBM Cloud Private has several advantages over other products in the market, such as Microsoft with Azure on-premises and Pivotal CF. Microsoft with Azure on-premises does not support traditional Java apps as extensively as IBM Cloud Private. It's designed to work well with Azure public, but not other public clouds. Pivotal CF provides less flexibility than IBM Cloud Private because Pivotal CF locks clients into a Cloud Foundry platform for services, whereas IBM Cloud Private supports Kubernetes/Docker and Cloud Foundry.

What are the financial benefits of using IBM Cloud Private?

By helping you streamline operations, improve productivity and increase efficiency, IBM Cloud Private can have a significant impact on your bottom line. A Business Value Assessment is a fast and easy fee-waived IBM engagement that can help you determine the value, return and cost savings that can be achieved using IBM Cloud Private. Contact the IBM Sales Team to schedule a Business Value Assessment.

I'm interested. What's my next step?

There are three ways you can proceed with IBM Cloud Private: