Taking payment convenience to the next level

ExxonMobil has a history of offering car owners innovative ways to pay for their petrol. How did the energy giant continue its payment innovation, and take customer convenience to the next level?

Assets to help you innovate

Kubernetes Explained

From the basics of what Kubernetes is and how it works to a deeper dive into how you can use it to run and manage container-based workloads, IBM Developer Advocate Sai Vennam takes you through the ins and outs of Kubernetes. Watch his lightboarding video to discover how you can automate deployment, scaling and operations of application containers with Kubernetes.

How to get the benefits of cloud behind your firewall

Many organisations can’t run their applications on the public cloud due to regulatory or legal requirements. 

Private Cloud can bring the benefits of a public cloud behind your firewall.

Can cloud-native development transform your customer experience?

A  survey commissioned by IBM found that companies focusing on innovating their customer experience are quick to identify the value of adopting a cloud-native development model. So why build cloud-native? And what are the barriers to cloud-native development?

Know what we know

Cloud Private

A private cloud allows companies to customise their environments according to their own unique needs and security requirements.

Cloud Garage

The Garage is a collaborative environment that melds industry practices, start-up culture, and IBM's expertise, and adapts them for the needs of our clients, large and small.

Continuous Delivery

Create toolchains that support your app delivery tasks. Automate builds, tests, deploy in a repeatable way with minimal human intervention, configure a pipeline to integrate with practically any service that is exposed to the web, and more.

Continuous Release

IBM Cloud Continuous Release replaces manual coordination with templates to automate processes, collect approvals, and more. It works with Jenkins, GitHub, ServiceNow, and UrbanCode in the cloud, or on-premises.

Kubernetes service

IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service provides so much – including intelligent scheduling, self-healing, and horizontal scaling. The service also provides advanced capabilities around simplified cluster management, container security and isolation policies, and the ability to design your own cluster.

IBM Cloud Strategy & Adoption Services

Whatever your stage of cloud adoption, a clear strategy and roadmap — along with implementation services — can help you achieve success. Our expert consultants can assist you in planning and implementing this strategy, enabling the desired business outcomes.

Drive innovation

Build, deploy and manage more easily

Build, deploy and manage more easily

New microservices-based applications offer dynamic scalability to address increased end-user demand.

New IBM tools and services

Use new integrated IBM and open-source DevOps tools and services for code repositories, deployment, test automation and production.

Secure access and integration to innovative technologies

Secure access and integration to innovative technologies

Virtually seamless integration to IBM Public Cloud offers secure access and integration to AI, Blockchain, and IoT.

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