Vodafone New Zealand

Vodafone dials in growth and customer centricity with digital

To stay ahead of the curve, Vodafone New Zealand teamed up with IBM iX™ to create the most engaging digital customer experience by adopting agile as a way of working, simplifying business models and embracing new technologies like Watson.

Business Challenge

Redesign workflows to operate flawlessly and simplify choices for customers.


Vodafone New Zealand engaged IBM iX™ (US) to create the most engaging digital customer experience, simplifying business models to operate flawlessly and drive increased customer satisfaction.

Business Benefits

digital customer transaction estimated by 2021

inbound inquiries serviced with virtual assistants

roaming queries resolved by Watson-powered chatbot

Business challenge story

Delivering a fantastic customer experience

In a country with more mobile phones than people, there is no shortage of communication options available. Vodafone New Zealand faces the challenge to simplify these choices for customers while operating amidst stiff competition from both traditional players and disruptors. To stay ahead of the curve, Vodafone New Zealand needs to entirely redesign workflows and enable teams to operate flawlessly at a breakneck pace.

Transformation Story

Being agile to deliver early results

Vodafone New Zealand and IBM iX™ (US) teamed up to create the most engaging digital customer experience by adopting agile as a way of working, simplifying business models and embracing new technologies like Watson. The digital transformation will drive increased customer satisfaction, revenue growth from new businesses and channels, as well as efficiencies through automation.

The support of IBM's expert coaches has been instrumental in driving successful adoption and building our internal capability

Luke Longney, Digital Channels & Design Lead, Vodafone

Results Story


With IBM’s digital solution, Vodafone anticipates up to half of customer transactions will take place By 2021 through digital channels, and 60 percent of inbound inquiries will be serviced with the help of virtual assistants. The Digital Vodafone program will ensure customers benefit from the introduction of more self-service options, instant transactions and more frequent improvements to services. A Watson-powered chatbot will help customers answer mobile roaming queries and completely resolve.


About Vodafone New Zealand

With over 2.4 million customers, Vodafone New Zealand is a leader in full service telecommunications, covering 98.5% of the country through its mobile cell sites and a network of around 72 retail shops across the country. The company is spreading its wings in rural New Zealand through broadband connectivity.

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