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Open-source databases

The Internet of Things (IoT) combined with social media continuously produces massive amounts of data that has to be collected, organized, and analyzed. Customers need to unlock the potential of this data to accelerate decision making, reduce operational costs and drive competitive advantage. Open-source-based databases position businesses to capitalize more cost effectively on the vast amounts of data generated today.

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DataStax partnership Apache Cassandra is an open source, distributed NoSQL database that is built to handle large volumes of data. It is highly scalable, offers high availability and has no single point of failure. IBM and DataStax have partnered to provide additional developer tools and capabilities to support modern data applications at a global scale. DataStax Enterprise with IBM

Massively scalable, cloud native NoSQL database that provides the freedom to run any workload with zero downtime at a global scale.

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IBM Cloud Databases for DataStax

IBM Cloud Databases for DataStax is a NoSQL database engine built on Apache Cassandra, natively integrated into IBM Cloud.

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EDB partnership PostgreSQL is a powerful open source, object relational database system that is increasingly popular with enterprises because of its reliability, features and performance. IBM and EDB have partnered to provide the additional tools and capabilities needed to run mission-critical applications at scale on PostgreSQL. Explore the partnership EDB Postgres Enterprise with IBM

EDB Postgres is available in Enterprise and Standard editions through IBM for a one-stop purchase, deploy and support experience.

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IBM Cloud Databases for EDB Postgres

IBM Cloud Databases for EnterpriseDB is a database engine with built-in features of PostgreSQL, natively integrated into IBM Cloud.

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MongoDB partnership MongoDB offers a general purpose, document-based distributed database built to store data in JSON-like documents. IBM and MongoDB have partnered to offer the capabilities that extend the open source databases of MongoDB to support enterprise-scale deployments. MongoDB Enterprise Advanced with IBM

This solution is a robust, scalable highly available document database that includes advanced software, support and services to support mission-critical deployments.

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IBM Cloud Databases for MongoDB

IBM Cloud Databases for MongoDB is the fully managed MongoDB document data store that is natively integrated into the IBM Cloud.

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