Learn how the AI Ladder can help you modernize your information architecture.

Why data and Artificial Intelligence?

Data is what fuels digital transformation, Artificial Intelligence unlocks the value of that data, and hybrid multicloud is the platform to democratize the data. Leading businesses are investing in Artificial Intelligence software and multicloud to unleash the value of their data in totally new ways, enabling them to:

  • Predict and shape future outcomes
  • Empower people to do higher value work
  • Create intelligent workflows that automate decisions and experiences
  • Re-imagine highly personalized business models

Turn your AI aspirations into outcomes

Artificial Intelligence is the defining transformation technology of our time, yet successful adoption remains challenging. The reality is, AI is not magic. In order to turn AI aspirations into outcomes, organizations must first address three major AI inhibitors.


The AI Ladder: Demystifying AI Challenges

The lifeblood of AI, but complexity slows progress.


AutoAI with IBM Watson Studio

AI skills are rare and in high demand.


IBM Watson OpenScale

There’s skepticism of Artificial Intelligence software and processes.

Forrester Research reports how leaders overcome obstacles to scale AI.

Industry trends


Deliver personal and empathetic customer service attuned to an individual’s preferences.


AI helps optimize production processes and act to balance quality, cost and throughput.

Retail and consumer products

Use Artificial Intelligence services to transform the customer experience and deliver delight at every touchpoint.

Client stories

Siemens AG

Reducing carbon output is important to the workforce culture at Siemens. Using Artificial Intelligence solutions, the team created a CO2-friendly travel advisor to lead the way to a zero-carbon future.

Sonoma County

Learn how collecting and organizing client data helped the county break down information barriers and provide improved delivery of citizen services.

James Fisher & Sons, plc

Undersea cables sustain offshore windfarms. With data they can be visualized, with Artificial Intelligence their maintenance predicted. The result: optimize renewable energy output.



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