What is IBM Hybrid Data Management?

IBM Hybrid Data Management is a complete set of AI-enabled solutions that allow organizations to collect data of any type, source and structure to make it simple and accessible across multiple vendors, deployments and workloads. Solutions include:

  • Support for hybrid multicloud environments with IBM Cloud Pak for Data
  • Database, data warehouse, data lake and fast data workloads
  • Automate data management, including database management, using embedded AI capabilities
  • Open source partnerships with Cloudera, MongoDb and PostgreSQL

With AI integrated into data management solutions, IBM can help modernize your information architecture to fuel successful AI initiatives and development of AI applications across your entire business.

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Use cases

Unlock data and reduce cost

woman with tablet in hand

Unlock data and reduce cost

Easily access data across vendors, programming languages, locations and structures to rapidly provide insights while reducing cost and development time with AI-powered data management.

Manage unstructured data

woman sitting writing on a notebook

Manage unstructured data

Efficiently manage and govern large quantities of semi-structured and unstructured data with data lakes and open-source ecosystems to empower data scientists and gain valuable business insights.


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