Easy, secure access to enterprise apps and data

IBM Workplace Virtualization Services can help address your virtual desktop and application delivery challenges with an agile, cloud-based and fully managed solution. IBM offers a range of services, from image, steady-state operations, management and support. With industry-leading service level agreements (SLAs), IBM can deliver a security-rich and resilient solution to help you better manage compliance, security and governance standards and requirements.

Choice of device

Enhance productivity by enabling users to work from their device of choice, at virtually any location.

Streamline desktop

Simplify desktop management by centralizing apps and desktops in the data center.

Application Access

Translate desktop apps, such as legacy Microsoft Windows apps, for use on touchscreen-enabled mobile devices.

Safeguard your data

Help reduce liability by protecting data in the data center, rather than on corporate desktops and laptops.

Key features

  • Managed Shared Desktops
  • Managed Published Applications
  • Managed Full Desktops
  • Self-help portal
  • Application Services: Assessment, Packaging, Rationalization

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