Take control of the essentials

Do-it-yourself service requests

Project Mitchell is your central place for managing requests and tracking completion. Plant and office workers can open a service request with a simple mobile-friendly web application. The software uses predefined categories that can handle a variety of problems – whether it is a robot on the assembly floor or a burned-out light bulb in the break room. You’ll know what needs to get done, before a problem gets out of hand.

Track work orders from start to finish

Project Mitchell allows maintenance supervisors to get a quick view of all the open and in-progress work orders. They can assign work to a team or an individual – and then track the progress of the task. When a task is accomplished, the responsible parties can list the work order as complete and the supervisor is alerted that the work is done and can close the order.

Make maintenance manageable

Project Mitchell gives users a clear view of the work they need to complete on a particular day. They can easily sort by due date and priority – efficiently managing their own work. The software can automatically track the time spent on each task and gives technicians the ability to order parts and tools online.

Take control of your inventory needs

Project Mitchell enables you to quickly see which parts and tools are needed for each work order. Your technicians can show up with everything they need to get their job done, saving time and money. The software helps you get a handle on which items are in storage – and how many—so you can maintain just the right stock levels in your inventory. You can also see how many items were used in repairs and when to order new ones.