Feature spotlights

Send large email attachments quickly

The Outlook add-in uses Aspera faspex to avoid attachment size limits of the Microsoft Exchange Server and maintain Exchange Server performance. It supports sending individual files and entire folders of practically any size, without compression. In addition, it offers you the ability to specify which file types—such as large compressed files, images, or video—using the add-in.

Natural integration with Microsoft Outlook

Users can quickly and easily install the add-in on the client computer. No software is installed on the Microsoft Exchange Server. The add-in enables you to send large file attachments using the standard Outlook email workflow with no additional steps required. It uses Aspera faspex to send attachments greater than Outlook's configured size threshold, sparing heavy processing by the Exchange Server. In addition it allows you to continue to work while files and folders transfer in the background.

Compatible with other IBM Aspera solutions

The Outlook add-in connects to Aspera Faspex server software to download large email attachments at high-speed directly from within Outlook using the Aspera Add-in. Email recipients running Outlook without the Add-in receive a standard Faspex email with a download link so they can click on the link to start a download of the attachments using the Aspera Connect browser plug-in that is available at no charge. Standard web-based email clients are also supported using the Connect browser plug-in.

High-speed transfer technology

With IBM® Aspera® Add-in for Microsoft Outlook, you can transfer files and folders at high speed, regardless of file size, transfer distance or network conditions. The add-in transfers large attachments by fully utilizing available network bandwidth to achieve maximum transfer speeds, while being fair to other critical network traffic. In addition, it offers built-in security with endpoint authentication, encryption and data integrity verification.

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