Defines data requirements and key performance indicators

IBM Insurance Information Warehouse (IIW) is a flexible model developed for the insurance industry. It helps business and IT staff implement an enterprise data warehouse on time and on budget by providing critical predefined requirements definitions that offer a view into the business. IIW goes beyond data gathering. It helps to provide a competitive advantage by continuously processing data and transforming it into information-led business initiatives. Effective business intelligence is driven by a well implemented data warehouse solution, IIW helps insurance organizations get closer to a best-practice information management infrastructure.
IBM Insurance Information Warehouse

Reduce cost and project risk

Sound infrastructure techniques, data management methods, rich functional content and an implementation roadmap help to reduce data warehouse development costs and minimize project risks.

Regulatory compliance support

Helps to address regulatory compliance issues associated with reporting by providing the right level of data granularity to meet regulatory reporting requirements.

Data consolidation

Consolidating financial and actuarial data enables you to more effectively control and reduce the time it takes to scope requirements, subsequent customization and any extension of the data warehouse.

Key features

  • Business terms
  • Supportive content
  • Analytical requirements
  • Business Data Model
  • Atomic Warehouse Model
  • Dimensional Warehouse Model
  • Compliance and enterprise risk management
  • Integration
  • FlexPoint licensing

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