Permissioned network

Collectively define membership and access rights within your business network.

Confidential transactions

Give businesses the flexibility and security to make transactions visible to select parties with the correct encryption.

No cryptocurrency

Does not require mining and expensive computations to assure transactions.


Leverage the embedded logic in smart contracts to automate business processes across your network.

Nutzung durch Kunden

  • Trading Commerical Paper via blockchain with IBM Bluemix


    How can a commercial paper trading network be implemented with a blockchain network?


    Two users trade commercial paper with each other on IBM® Bluemix®. In this demo, all users start with USD 10,000,000 after they register. For example, a user can create a paper worth USD 100,000 and publish it to the trade center.

  • IBM Blockchain Car Lease Demo


    How can you use blockchain to enable a supply chain process between multiple parties?


    Watch a sample supply chain process between multiple parties using IBM Blockchain.

Technische Details


There are no software requirements for IBM Blockchain on Bluemix.


    There are no hardware requirements for IBM Blockchain on Bluemix.

      Technische Spezifikationen

      IBM is a founder and leading contributor to the Hyperledger Project - the Linux Foundation’s open source project that is developing the permissioned blockchain for business. The architecture behind IBM Blockchain is the open source Hyperledger Fabric..

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