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Artificial intelligence (AI) is the transformative technology of our time. Breakthroughs that were once considered possible only in science fiction are now real AI tools you can apply to specific tasks and entire processes. Unlike traditional computer programs, generative AI can augment human intelligence and help businesses achieve new levels of productivity. 

IBM’s adaptive AI solutions are designed to solve real business problems - to make businesses run faster, stronger and more effectively. We employ an AI approach that provides more choice and flexibility with a higher degree of transparency and trust to best fit your business needs. This means: 

  • Using the right AI and training on the right data sets at the right time

  • Running AI models from anywhere with secure access to your data wherever it is stored

  • Prioritizing safety and compliance with a holistic AI governance approach for your AI systems

  • Extending your team's capabilities with flexible, fit-for-purpose AI tools and services  

With IBM, scale artificial intelligence to more parts of your business with greater confidence and stronger results. Wherever you are on your AI journey, IBM can help.


Govern generative AI models built in watsonx.ai and those built on third-party platforms

What's new in AI from IBM Research

Explore IBM’s AI Solutions IBM offers artificial intelligence solutions to help you build the future of your business today. These AI solutions include: IBM® watsonx™, our AI and data platform and portfolio of AI-powered assistants; IBM® Granite™, our family of open-sourced, high-performing and cost-efficient models trained on trusted enterprise data; IBM Consulting, our AI services that bring deep expertise to redesigning workflows; and our hybrid cloud offerings that enable AI-ready infrastructure to better support and scale AI. Choose models designed for the enterprise

Granite: a family of open-sourced, high performing, cost-efficient models, built on domain-specific data you can trust.

Learn about Granite AI models Explore foundation models and machine learning in watsonx.ai
Build, train, tune and govern AI

Easily tailor AI models, manage all data sources, and accelerate responsible AI workflows—all on one AI and data platform. 

Learn about watsonx Explore the gen AI enterprise guide
Improve AI-driven productivity

Customize and integrate purpose-built generative AI virtual assistants into core enterprise workflows.

Learn about watsonx AI Assistants Explore the gen AI assistants buyer’s guide
Optimize IT for AI

Simplify and automate IT with a hybrid cloud designed to scale AI using your data and applications.

Learn about hybrid cloud solutions Explore application management with gen AI
Scale AI with the right skills and expertise

Engage with AI experts and engineers to re-design workflows and drive true business transformation.

Learn about AI consulting services Explore the client engineering process

Start with AI use cases

IBM can help you start today and apply various types of AI to the top use cases most beneficial for your business. From natural language processing (NLP) to generative AI to machine learning algorithms and deep learning, IBM’s AI capabilities can help:

  • Achieve high-performance automation for tedious work
  • Optimize business processes
  • Streamline data science workflows and management
  • Surface near real-time insights
  • Facilitate better decision-making

Scale AI and accelerate time to value with our expert consultants and engineers and the right AI technologies. Build competitive advantage in areas such as customer service, HR, and IT operations across industries, including financial services, healthcare, government, and more.

AI for customer service Elevate your customer experience to differentiate your organization by intelligently applying AI technology.  Transform customer service Build customer service chatbots

AI for application modernization Strategize and modernize the development and management of your apps with the power of AI and hybrid cloud. Transform applications Automate code generation

AI for talent transformation Optimize your workforce with our AI augmented HR solutions and expertise. Transform HR Automate HR processes

AI for Marketing Modify your strategy and content based on AI technology that identifies customer behavior, preferences and sales trends. Transform marketing Build marketing chatbots

AI for finance operations Use AI-powered insights for better performance measurement, forecasting and more confident decision making. Transform finance Automate finance processes

AI for supply chain Build AI-powered, sustainable supply chains that prepare your business for the future of work. Transform supply chain Automate supply chain processes

How clients are applying AI See how IBM clients are problem solving way to real business value with AI. Discover how companies are using watsonx 99% Improvement in turnaround time of journey testing. Learn more about Vodafone 75% Faster hiring processes anticipated. Learn more about Silver Egg Technology >40% Reduction in cloud-related operating costs. Learn more about Water Corporation

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From large language models (LLM) to small language models (SLM), explore how you can choose the right AI foundation model for your business use case.

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The six hard truths CEOs must face to gain an edge with the use of AI and generative AI.

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Get started quickly with an AI strategy briefing for watsonx. Discover where generative AI can make the biggest impact and how watsonx can elevate your tech investments.

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