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Architecture diagram templates allow you to easily create your own architectures using simple icons to represent architecture components. Start with an existing pattern and customize it to your environment, or build your own pattern from scratch using any combination of components.

IBM Design Language - Technical Diagrams

Technical diagrams serve many purposes at IBM. They can be used to describe relationships among the elements of a system, the hierarchy of a certain structure or introduce the idea of an ordering sequence to represent a process flow.

IBM Design Technical Diagram Resources

Diagrams.net (previously draw.io) is free, open-source graph drawing software developed in HTML5 and JavaScript. Use it to create flowcharts, wireframes, UML diagrams, organizational charts and network diagrams. It’s available online as a cross-browser web application and offline as a desktop application for Linux, macOS and Windows. Watch the tutorial to learn how to use diagrams.net to edit architectures.

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IBM IT Architect Assistant

IBM IT Architect Assistant community edition is a collaborative tool for creating and documenting IT solution architectures. Build diagrams just like the reference architectures in the IBM Hybrid Cloud Architecture Center and then customize them for specific projects or initiatives. You can also create documentation for reviews and other communications.

UNICOM System Architect

Reference models and patterns are key enablers for enterprise architecture efforts. They help you think about how your organization can or should work based on what’s happening in other organizations in the industry.

To provide customers with a repository-based enterprise architecture solution for the IBM Hybrid Cloud Architecture Center, UNICOM Systems created a similar template for use with System Architect.

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