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Illustration consisting of geometrical shapes depicting deployable architectures for hybrid cloud and AI technologies

Simplify and streamline how you design, develop and implement your cloud, hybrid and on-premises workload infrastructures.

Hybrid cloud architectures Review tested and deployable architectures that enable use of leading-edge hybrid cloud and AI technologies so you can better meet your changing business objectives. Explore all reference architectures Hybrid cloud

Accelerate time-to-market and enhance security with integrated solutions across public cloud, private cloud, and on-premise infrastructure  Leverage other solutions like Red Hat® OpenShift® and VPC Landing Zones with VSIs for scalable, optimized, and secure cloud infrastructure. 


Deploy AI Governance and Generative AI solutions with the IBM Generative AI architecture that provides a comprehensive guide for designing, creating, deploying, and maintaining generative AI solutions at an enterprise level. 


Find and utilize data lakehouse, fabric, and warehouse solutions to further enhance data integration, discovery, governance and security across your hybrid environments.

Power and Z

Leverage the agility and deployment benefits of the Power® Virtual Servers for special needs like SAP HANA to VPC landing Zone extensions. Incorporate the robust security and reliability features of IBM Z®  systems into your hybrid cloud ecosystem.

Well-Architected Framework

The IBM Well-Architected Framework provides recommendations and best practices to help hybrid cloud architects design secure, performant solutions.

Learn about the IBM Well-Architected Framework
IBM IT Architect Assistant

IBM IT Architect Assistant is a collaborative tool for creating and documenting IT solution architectures. Build diagrams just like the reference architectures in the IBM Hybrid Cloud Architecture Center and then customize them for specific projects or initiatives. You can also create documentation for reviews and other communications.

Diagram tools

Architecture diagram templates allow you to easily create your own architectures using simple icons to represent architecture components. Start with an existing pattern and customize it to your environment, or build your own pattern from scratch using any combination of components.

IBM Design Language - Technical Diagrams

Adopt IBM Design Language for technical diagrams to systematically represent systems and processes and flow visualization. Clearly describe the relationships betwenn elements, outline hierarchies and introduce ordering sequences for process flows.

UNICOM System Architect

Adopt IBM UNICOM System Architect’s reference models and patterns that serve as key enablers for enterprise architecture efforts. Based on what’s happening in other organizations, you can benchmark how your organization can or should work in the industry.

Architecture Icons and Stencils

This repo is intended to provide IBM Cloud Architecture icons for external customers and business partners. IBM Cloud's approved design tool is Draw.io, however we have also provided Powerpoint (.ppt) and SVG (.svg) files for your convenience.

Explore architecture tools and stencils
Deployable architectures on IBM Cloud Find the best-fit deployable architecture that can help you accelerate innovation, enhance efficiency, and maintain security and compliance while optimizing costs. Go to the catalog Power Virtual Server with VPC landing zone

Build an IBM Cloud® Power Virtual Servers (PowerVS) offering according to the best practices and requirements from IBM Cloud®. 

Explore this architecture
DevSecOps Application Lifecycle Management

Utilize a set of predefined DevSecOps toolchain templates designed for continuous integration, deployment and compliance.  

Explore this architecture
Power Virtual Server for SAP HANA

Deploy SAP systems on Power infrastructure for deployable architectures to optimize performance of your SAP HANA workloads.   

Explore this architecture
Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform on VPC landing zone

Use the deployable architecture to create Red Hat OpenShift workload clusters on a secure VPC (virtual private cloud) network.  

Explore this architecture
VPC landing zone

Deploy a secure VPC network without requiring additional compute resources, to help improve your cloud infrastructure. 

Explore this architecture
VSI on VPC landing zone

Deploy a VSI on VPC landing zone to create a secure infrastructure with virtual servers to run your workloads on a VPC network.  

Explore this architecture
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