Meet your needs for data integration, quality and governance

IBM InfoSphere® Information Server es una plataforma de integración de datos avanzada que le permite limpiar, supervisar, transformar y entregar datos. La solución escalable proporciona masivamente capacidades de procesamiento paralelo para ayudarle a gestionar desde pequeños hasta grandes volúmenes de datos. Le ayuda a proporcionar información de confianza para sus iniciativas empresariales clave como el big data y analítica, modernización de almacenamiento de datos y gestión de datos maestros.

Build confidence in your data

Delivers clean, consistent and timely information for your data warehouses or big data projects and applications.

Create a flexible governance strategy

Helps you adapt a data governance strategy to suit your organizational objectives, while shaping business information in unique ways to meet your needs.

Modernize and consolidate your systems

Enables you to consolidate applications, retire outdated databases and modernize your infrastructure, as well as automate business processes for improved cost savings.

Connect business and IT

Provides a unified platform that enables collaboration, which can help you bridge the gap between business and IT and align objectives.

Key features

  • Integrate your data across multiple systems
  • Better understand and govern your business information
  • Assess, analyze and monitor data quality
  • Integrate with Apache Hadoop®