Faster data loading and 20 percent faster queries for Swiss insurer, Helvetica Health Care¹


Faster financial reporting, without error, for food and beverage brand, Cerebos²


Potential cost savings that can be realized by current Oracle on SAP database customers that switch to IBM Db2®³

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Quicker and more reliable claims processing

By moving to Db2, insurer Groupe France Mutuelle can deliver always-on performance for its customers. The insurer is realizing:

  • 80 percent reduced licensing and admin costs
  • 30 percent faster analysis of high-volume data

CEO Jean-Yves Pignier says the insurer is “delighted” and the new database is “helping to keep customer services running smoothly.”

Improved global operations, synchronized supply chains

Food and beverage company Cerebos Australia needed faster financial reporting to keep them in sync with their global parent company and avoid hours of hands-on manual tuning, so they turned to IBM Db2. Without changing reports or building new indexes, the company improved data operations with:

  • 5 times faster financial reporting, with no errors or time-outs
  • 10 percent reduction in database administrator workloads
  • 20 percent faster data warehouse loading speeds

Reducing downtime and refining operations to supply a community of millions with clean water

Six million people depend on their water provision and recycling services from Anglian Water, which requires reliable data management to stay up and running. With Db2, the company improved operations, including less downtime and enhanced operational performance, plus:

  • 66 percent smaller server footprint
  • 40 percent shorter batch times

This improved data foundation also means reduced operational costs and more responsive customer service.

Simplified IT to deliver “everywhere and always on” customer service

With over 100 percent growth in five years, System of Credit Cooperatives of Brazil (Sicoob) saw increasing IT complexity. With Db2, Sicoob simplified operations, reduced data volumes and gained:

  • 20 times faster analytical queries
  • 35 percent better data compression

Says CIO Ricardo Antonio, “It’s the best environment for financial services. And when you know you are using the best, you can focus on developing the business rather than worrying about the technology.”

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¹ Statistic provided by Helvetica Health Care to IBM.

² Cerbos Australia IBM case study

³ Offer available until 31 December 2020 and is subject to offer terms and conditions. Savings estimate is calculated by assuming a 5 percent annual increase and up to 80% savings in support costs. Actual savings may vary.

Terms and conditions

This offer is available only to customers who are validly licensed and under current support for Oracle Database Enterprise Edition (any version) or Oracle Database Standard Edition (any version). IBM will offer eligible Oracle Database customers a price for IBM Db2 Direct Advanced Edition Virtual Processor Core (VPC) license & 1 year IBM Software Subscription & Support (S&S) that corresponds to a savings of up to 80% less than the current cumulative annual support price paid by the customer for Oracle Database and the separately chargeable database optional features ("DB Options") for which the customer may be licensed (the "Savings Offer"). The referenced 80% savings is a maximum only; the price IBM may offer under this Savings Offer, and the actual resulting savings from the customer's current Oracle Database and Options support fees are not guaranteed to equal 80% savings, which is within IBM's discretion, and may further be dependent on purchased volume, configuration and other factors.

If a purchase is made under the Savings Offer, IBM will grant Virtual Processor Core entitlements to IBM Db2 Direct Advanced Edition corresponding to the number of physical cores for which the customer is currently licensed and under support for Oracle Database. The Savings Offer price only applies to those corresponding Db2 VPC entitlements; if the customer wishes to increase capacity and purchase Db2 license entitlements beyond their corresponding licenses for Oracle Database, any such additional entitlements are not included in the Savings Offer and will be sold at regular prices.

Eligible customers making a purchase under this Savings Offer will have the option of pre-committing and pre-paying for S&S renewals for up to 4 additional years at current prices. Customers may alternatively pre-commit to S&S renewals for up to 4 additional years without up-front payment, in which case each S&S renewal for those 4 additional years will be subject to a price increase of 5% per year. In all other cases, S&S renewals will be at then-current prices.

The Savings Offer includes, at customer's option, a no-charge high-level assessment of application compatibility. Other services, such as Oracle Database to IBM Db2 migration services, are available separately at additional charge and are not included in this Savings Offer.

IBM Db2 Direct Advanced Edition features and functions are as specified in its documentation, and may not include or directly correspond to all features and functions of Oracle Database and DB Options. All applicable license terms and conditions for Db2 Direct Advanced Edition are as set out in the International Passport Advantage Agreement, the International Program License Agreement and License Information for the program, and remain unchanged by this Savings Offer.

The Savings Offer described above may be withdrawn at any time without notice.