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Companies in all industries are striving for greater agility and deeper analytical insights to fundamentally transform their businesses and create unique experiences for their customers. That elusive single source of truth is critical and better data quality, resolution, business rules, policies and processes are required. For true business transformation, trusted, secure, governed self-service access to accurate data across the enterprise is necessary for driving innovation and better insights for digital transformation.

Built on a best-in-class matching engine, machine learning capabilities, security and governance, IBM InfoSphere® Master Data Management helps you to create a 360-degree view of your data. With IBM Master Data Management, you can meet the demands of your enterprise on any platform — on premises, on cloud and hybrid — at any scale, and drive new ways to explore and exchange data, collaborate and innovate.

Get started with these capabilities to create a 360-degree view

Single view of master data entities

InfoSphere Master Data Management provides a trusted view of critical entities that are typically stored — and potentially duplicated — in siloed applications from disparate sources. InfoSphere Master Data Management provides a consistent understanding of master data entities, their relationships and hierarchies, to improve the customer experience by starting with a holistic view of accurate, trusted, governed data.

Governance and centralization of reference and master data

Streamline reference data maintenance, reduce risk with better governance and improve business agility through better management of enterprise-wide reference data. IBM Master Data Management Reference Data Management Hub is a purpose-built solution that offers an MDM approach to managing reference data. It extends the IBM Master Data Management portfolio with a ready-to-run hub and stewardship application that incorporates role-based user interfaces and supports complex structures within reference data.

Build and manage a trusted view of key entities

Entity analytics leverages operational MDM to provision for insights with graph-based exploration, matching and relationship resolution. This helps business analysts in LOB departments use trusted, high-fidelity master data to explore new insights — potentially against additional data sets.

Workflow-based management of product information

IBM Master Data Management Collaborative Edition streamlines information lifecycle activities across users and enables the creation of a single, up-to-date repository of product information that can be used strategically throughout the organization. IBM Master Data Management Collaborative Edition aggregates information from any upstream system, enforces business processes to ensure data accuracy and synchronizes trusted information with downstream systems, using intuitive, persona-based interfaces.

Match massive Hadoop data for deeper insights

Big-data matching provides the ultimate customer dimension for analytics at Hadoop scale. IBM Big Match for Hadoop combines an industry-proven MDM probability-matching engine and pre-built algorithms with the power of Hadoop distributed processing to link all customer data for confidence in big data analytics.

Complete MDM solutions on the IBM Cloud™

IBM Master Data Management on Cloud provides a trusted, 360-degree view of data in the cloud to quickly provision new projects, scale rapidly as data grows and deploy in hybrid environments. Benefit from the same powerful and scalable capabilities found in IBM Master Data Management, with the flexibility of cloud deployment models for speed, scalability and cost-effectiveness.

Take advantage of a new way to support business users across the organization


High accurate matching engine reduces false positives and false negatives for the critical needs of industries.


Make master data available across the enterprise through easy integration with business applications to deliver data to all stakeholders.

Trusted self-service 
Enable business users to explore relationships between entities through self-service access to data, graph-based UIs and data stewards using machine learning capabilities.

Build a foundation of a modern analytics governance platform data to meet audit, compliance, regulatory and consent management.

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