IBM® Cognos Analytics offers smarter, self-service capabilities so you can quickly and confidently identify and act on insight. The engaging experience empowers business users to create and personalize dashboards and reports on their own - while providing IT with a proven and scalable solution that is available on premises or on the cloud.

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Integrated solution for data discovery and reporting

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Guided experience to access data and create dashboards/reports

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Consistent web-based experience on all devices, on or offline

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Proven governed platform for performance and scalability



Cognos Analytics web based interface

Bring your data to life

Self-service reporting and dashboarding features help virtually anyone create informative, engaging visualizations without needing help from IT

Reporting and visualization features

  • Contextualized smart search
  • Intuitive interface helps all users quickly author content
  • Dashboards can be created using drag and drop on mobile device or desktop
  • Automatic recommendation of the best visualizations for particular data Templates and styles let you format reports instantly
  • On-demand menus for access to full capabilities over a clean workspace
  • Single interface to create ad hoc or pixel perfect reports, frees up IT

Make your data work for you

Working with data should be straightforward and productive not painful. Expand the sphere of people who can proficiently work the data.

Data modeling features include:

  • A complete web-based experience
  • Easy upload of personal and external data
  • Direct reporting from data sources
  • Effortlessly combine data sources
  • Automatic data model generation based on keywords
Cognos Analytics can deliver intent-driven modeling
Cognos Analytics allows you to manage schedules and subscriptions to reports

Analytics you can trust for confident action

Confident action comes from access to curated data that helps reduce risk and debate over numbers.

Data integrity features

  • Data protected with layers of permissions, authentication, and history
  • Report integrity maintained regardless of range of inputs across business
  • Controls to protect data whether you’re creating one report for many or many are creating one report
  • Scheduling and alerts

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Infuse business intelligence throughout your organization

IBM Cognos Analytics is designed to empower business users, giving them the self-service tools they need to solve individual or workgroup challenges. This is a personal approach to business analytics: designed for me, built for us.

Governed data discovery

Eckerson Group argues that top-down and bottom-up analytics aren’t really competing options; they’re flip sides of the same coin. Organizations need to embrace both aspects to achieve enterprise-capable self-service analytics.

Enterprise BI essentials

Blue Hill Research explains how self-service capabilities are being refined to fit within a proven data governance platform. The end result is agile, user-led analytics that can still be governed and scaled for the enterprise.

Converged and governed analytics for the masses

Blue Hill Research believes that business and IT decision-makers should view IBM Cognos Analytics as a key component to achieving agile accessibility of data insights throughout their organization.

Safe and certain reporting

Learn how Cognos Analytics on Cloud is designed for self-service analytics at organizational scale. Its features and IBM-run infrastructure help simplify access and give both administrators and business users a better experience.

Defining the new business intelligence: Visual, immediate and cognitive

Frost & Sullivan argue that a new type of BI is necessary to get maximum value from big data. This highly visual, user-led BI empowers users at all levels of the organization with mechanisms for thinking and guiding.