How predictive analytics can help nonprofits

Predictive analytics can deliver the insights you need to help ensure your nonprofit’s success. By uncovering patterns and trends hiding within all types of data, it lets you identify donors who may be willing to give more, or determine which programs offer the best return for your investment. And that means you can focus your limited resources—and efforts—on those areas where they’re likely to do the most good.

Two important solutions

At the heart of IBM SPSS predictive analytics for nonprofits. you’ll find two important tools designed to help you gain the insights hidden in your data. IBM SPSS Statistics lets you choose from more than a dozen fully integrated modules to help you throughout the entire analytical process—from understanding the impact different fundraising campaigns to seeing which programs achieve the greatest success. And IBM SPSS Modeler makes it easy to build predictive models that let you target high-potential donors and determine where your campaigns are most likely to yield the best response.

IBM SPSS Statistics or IBM SPSS Modeler?

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Zero in on the donors who matter most

With growing goals, lean budgets, and limited resources, nonprofit organizations are always looking for ways to improve their fundraising capabilities and more accurately target donors. Learn how IBM SPSS predictive analytics for nonprofits can help you align donor data, predict what donors want, personalize donor interactions and then integrate the results of your efforts.

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University gets 55% ROI on analytics investment

Michigan State University turned to IBM for help transforming its data into predictive, actionable insight to increase donations and enhance loyalty. And the results have been impressive.

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Meet the challenges of fundraising head-on

Learn how nonprofits can use predictive analytics to carry out their donor management strategies by following four key steps to success.

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