DB2 12 is a leading enterprise database for mission critical data

Learn how DB2 12 delivers selected features that benefits your business by:

  • Putting enterprise data to work in analytics
  • Extending mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) support for your enterprise
  • Reducing complexity and cost with IBM Cloud provisioning and management
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Faster analytical insights

DB2 12 is the leading enterprise data server for business critical transactions and analytics. It delivers highly concurrent queries 100x faster providing deeper insights.

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Scale and speed for mobile era

Enhanced support for cloud and mobile workloads with dramatic scalability and performance improvements Increasing maximum table size from 16 TB to 4 PB and utilizing RESTful API technology.

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Reduced cost

23% lower CPU cost through advanced in-memory techniques and enhanced continuous availability, scalability, and security for business-critical information.

IBM DB2 12 for z/OS features

The foundation for real-time analytics

Delivers faster analytical insights with advanced “in- memory” technology

  • Analytics workload improvements including optimized performance and improved zIIP offload.
  • Deliver insights faster with up to 50% elapsed query time improvement.
  • New fast index traversal block (FTB’s)
  • Improved DB2 Analytics Accelerator performance

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Cost savings for every workload

Mobile and IoT support for your enterprise

  • Support for SQL as a service (SQLaaS) through RESTful connectivity
  • Enhanced support for cloud and mobile workloads with dramatic scalability improvements for tables, increasing from 16 TB to 4 PB
  • Enhanced support for the next generation of mobile applications

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DB2 ready for Mobile Application Development

Support for IBM Cloud Provisioning and Management

  • Rapidly provision environments for workload deployment and releasing resources to shared pool
  • Enables direct access of z/OS computing resources
  • Creating service catalogs with customizable services.
  • Invoking new functions through web user interface

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DB2 12 rules the API Economy

The RESTful API is yet another way where DB2 is at the leading edge – and again cementing DB2’s and the mainframes position as a full capable server in the IT infrastructure of today. Using these REST-services Mobile applications can both be built faster and run faster !

Frank Peterson, Chief Architect, BankData

DB2 12 & SAP – Accelerated Queries

We have seen a significant speed-up of analytical queries from core data services in SAP software with DB2 12. In addition, DB2 12 has outstanding scalability capabilities and online DDL improvements that can make it an excellent foundation for SAP solutions

Dr. Bernd Kohler, Development Manager, SAP on IBM z Systems & DB2 for z/OS

"The biggest benefit with DB2 12 comes with Index in memory optimization (Fast Traverse Block) which provides incredible costs savings with lower CPU consumption for OLTP – nearly 9-10% after Rebind. This should bring down our mainframe operating costs.

Jacek Surma, DII, Zespół Systemów Mainframe

DB2 12 –Offering Advanced “in-memory” technology

We are looking forward to exploiting the advanced "in-memory" technology that DB2 12 offers (Index Fast Traverse Block) this gives us an opportunity to reduce CPU resource consumption and performance cost by using more real memory. It is very cost effective trade off for enterprises like us that run DB2 12 on z13 machines. During testing we have seen up to 23% CPU reductions in "specific" test cases.

Henrik Henriksen, Mainframe & Midrange Services, Danske Bank

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