IBM Data Science Experience

Announcing IBM Data Science Experience, Be a Better Data Scientist

IBM Data Science Experience is an environment that has everything a data scientist needs to be successful. Use the best of open source, tap into IBM’s unique productivity features, grow your capabilities, and share your success.

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What is IBM Cloud Data Services?

IBM Cloud Data Services enables organizations to evolve their approach to data by moving it to the center of their business. IBM Cloud Data Services makes everyone successful. Developers can invent new digital experiences. Data scientists can search for new and unexpected trends using a new first-of-a-kind data science experience. Data architects can bring together traditional data sources with new ones easily. And IT has the assurance that this is an environment that scales and that everyone has the right tools for their jobs. To find new opportunities to gain value from data, and assess where you are in your data maturity, take a look at the IBM DataFirst Method.

IBM Cloud Data Services delivers fully managed data and analytic services on IBM Bluemix. Our open approach presents each data team with access to the right tools. And with 24/7/365 support and security, we are always open for a business world that’s always on.

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Access a wide range of services based on 18+ popular open source technologies

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Depend on IBM for 24/7/365 support and security for all of your critical data needs

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Use our hybrid cloud services across the globe in a PAYGO or dedicated manner

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Read about practical tips for using our Hadoop, Spark, data warehouse and NoSQL fully-managed cloud services from our technical experts.

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Apache Spark Maker Community Event
Leading minds in data and analytics from Tesla, Netflix, Silicon Valley Data Science, and IBM came together to demonstrate how open data and analytics technologies such as R, Spark, Python, and more are forming a vibrant ecosystem.

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IBM Compose Enterprise: Production ready, cloud hosted MongoDB, Redis and more

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IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud: A fully managed cloud data warehouse, purpose-built for analytics.

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IBM Data Science Experience: Everything you need to be a better data scientists

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Client success stories


Radpad client story


A location-aware mobile app helps millennials find the perfect place to live.

Read client story (PDF, 668 KB)

Roskilde client story

Roskilde Music Festival

Real-time mobile data reveals insights to optimize the festival experience.

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SolutionInc client story


Rapid big data analysis opens up new business opportunities.

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Open for Data Webinar Series

The best engineers, scientists, analysts and executives from around the globe assemble to learn and share knowledge. Attend these webinars to learn more about Open for Data and Cloud Data Services.


NoSQL for SQL Users

August 11

See how NoSQL databases can be used to make your development cycle more agile, to help your application to scale more easily, and to allow you to concentrate on making great apps and websites.


Graph Processing with Spark GraphX

September 8

Learn more about GraphX and see a detailed demo of GraphX running in a Spark notebook.


Become a Better Data Scientist with IBM Data Science Experience (DSX)

September 28

Join this webinar to see Brandon Mackenzie, a data scientist at IBM, showcase a demonstration of Data Science Experience, and teach you how to get started with notebooks, Spark and more.


Why Data Science Professionals Benefit from Apache Spark


Apache Spark helps make it easy and fast to perform data science, advanced analytics and development on big data. Attend this webinar to learn how to use Apache Spark to get faster time to business for applications and develop a blueprint for innovation.


Architecting a Platform for Big Data Analytics


Modern analytics require the ability to quickly create insight from multiple data sources and types. Learn how to manage this hybrid data world with a Logical Data Warehouse architected to meet the needs of big data analytics.


Practical Use of a NoSQL Database


Practical examples of how two popular NoSQL databases - the Cloudant JSON document store and the Redis in-memory key-value store - can be used together to create performant and scalable Web applications.


The Truth about SQL and Data Warehousing on Hadoop


With at least 24 SQL on Hadoop solutions on the market, which is suitable for Data Warehousing workloads? Hear about IBM Lab's recent performance studies comparing Hive, Impala, HAWQ, Spark SQL, and Big SQL.


Become a Well-Rested App Dev Rockstar


Open source technology can leave developers exposed to sleepless hours of database maintenance. Learn how to overcome this challenge with a managed database service that simplifies integration and gives you more visibility and control.