What is IBM Compose?

Whether you are a freelance developer or an enterprise, with IBM Compose you can run open source databases in a scalable, repeatable and reliable way quickly and economically without the hassle and complexity of managing database operations.

Compose Public

Shared multi-tenant

Designed for individual developers and small to medium-sized businesses, this scalable offering has everything you need to manage your data layer is just a few clicks away. We take care of scaling, backups, security, monitoring and reliability so you can focus on the app development you love.

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Host multiple open source databases

Host multiple open source databases

Deploy as many databases as you like from a list of 10 open source databases on Compose.

Multi-node reliability

Each deployment includes multiple always-on nodes. Automatic backups, automatic failover, and automatic scaling are included so your app can weather any storms.

Auto-scale your deployments

Compose auto-scales resources (storage, memory, IOPS) as usage increases - without the need for manual tuning. Your databases are ready even if usage suddenly and unexpectedly spikes.

Robust APIs

With the powerful set of APIs, your team can easily manage its deployments and perform common functions such as creating or restoring backups remotely.

Single Interface

The intuitive UI enables you to create deployments and manage all your day to day database operations. You can also use third party plug-ins to export monitoring and log info.

Strong Security

Each Compose deployment runs on a private VLAN, with IP whitelisting, TLS/SSL encryption for data in motion, and user access controls for shared accounts. At the account level, we offer 2FA with SMS, Yubikey, and third-party authentication apps.

Compose Enterprise

Dedicated single-tenant

Compose Enterprise is designed for customers with large datasets, heavy traffic, high availability, privacy, and security requirements. It offers the same simplicity as Compose Public, plus additional features like encryption-at-rest, private network, dedicated hardware, and more, in your own dedicated environment.

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Private Network

Private network with direct VPN links to physically isolated hosts ensure higher security, bandwidth and lower latency.

Encryption at Rest

Volume level encryption-at-rest protects your data from physical theft, unauthorized access and satisfy regulatory requirements like PCI DSS, HIPAA etc.

Greater Data Center Flexibility

Compose Enterprise gives you the flexibility to select almost any geography in which to host your database. We will handle getting your servers provisioned and running.

Horizontal and Vertical Scaling

In addition to multi-node highly availability, many of the open source databases available on Compose have both horizontal and vertical scaling options.

Isolated Hardware

We provision nodes that are exclusive to you or if you decide to host on IBM Cloud (SoftLayer), we can host on dedicated bare metal servers. Either way, you have complete control on your CPU, IOPs and storage.

Premium Support

24/7/365 Enhanced Support is included with Compose Enterprise and offers guaranteed response time. Priority ticketing is also available if you need it.

Pick the Right Database for the Job

IBM Compose has ten open source databases for virtually any use cases you may need. We take care of the patching, upgrades and maintenance – all transparently so you don’t have to worry about database administration. Deploy one or hundreds of production-ready databases in minutes.


Most popular NoSQL and SQL databases



For massive scaling, graphing data or search implementation


Messaging & Queuing

Caching or queueing


Key Value

For building distributed applications


Customer Success Stories


Deutsche Lufthansa AG

Lufthansa develops an intelligent chat bot supported by IBM Compose to help customers find the right flights at the best price, instantly.


Classcraft uses the power of gaming to make lessons more engaging and rewarding, supported by IBM Compose.

Campus Discounts

Campus Discounts uses IBM Compose and Watson to support a new social network that makes it easy for students to find and buy the things they need.