Cloudant on Bluemix Pricing

Cloudant is priced according to provisioned throughput capacity allocated and data storage used. There are two plans available:

  • Lite: Perpetually free Lite tier for evaluation and development with a fixed amount of provisioned throughput capacity and storage.
  • Standard: The paid Standard plan offers configurable provisioned throughput capacity and data storage pricing that scales as your application requirements change.

Standard plan metrics are billed on an hourly basis with the approximate monthly costs shown for various configurations below.

Bluemix Plan Lite Standard
Base Price Free $0.11/hour
Provisioned Throughput Capacity
(Per Second)
Lookups 20 100 1,000 5,000 20,000
Writes 10 50 500 2,500 10,000
Queries 5 5 50 250 1,000
Disk Space Included 1GB 20GB
Overage N/A $.0014/GB-hour

For more details on the pricing model and what API requests constitute Lookups, Writes, and Queries read the docs or see this blog.

Single-tenant dedicated environments to host any number of Cloudant Standard accounts are available as an optional purchase in your choice of worldwide locations.

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Consumption-Based Pricing Model

Cloudant on Bluemix has predictable yet elastic pricing plans based on provisioned throughput capacity and storage.

Step 1: Provision a free Lite or paid Standard plan account from the Bluemix catalog.

Step 2: Upgrade from free Lite to paid Standard plan in the Bluemix Dashboard.

Step 3: In the Cloudant Dashboard - Account tab, toggle the provisioned throughput capacity up/down, as needed

Step 4: In the Cloudant Dashboard - Monitoring tab, view provisioned throughput capacity and disk usage consumption in real time Pricing

Cloudant DBaaS Shared

Usage Cost
Data volume in GBs / month $1.00 per GB / month
"Heavy" API requests * - PUTs, POSTs, DELETEs $0.015 per 100
"Light" API requests * - GETs, HEADs $0.015 per 500

  • API requests that read or write multiple JSON docs in bulk count as 1 API request
  • No charge if your monthly usage is under $50.00 USD
  • A credit card is required after the 30 day trial period is over
  • NOTE: Replications and polling of changes feed can result in lots of requests to your account and increase your bill. Continous replications in particular always check for changes in the source database and are better suited to flat rate Cloudant Enterprise offering.

Cloudant DBaaS Enterprise

Fully-managed, high-performance database as a service (DBaaS) on a single-tenant cluster. 

  • Elastic scaling; handle billions of transactions per day
What You Get
  • Rich, NoSQL Database as a Service (DBaaS) API
  • Guaranteed database performance and up-time
  • Dedicated DBaaS cluster hardware
  • 45+ hosting locations @ IBM SoftLayer, AWS, or 21Vianet (China)
  • Bare-metal performance on IBM SoftLayer
  • Cloudant experts handle all DBaaS cluster monitoring, tuning, and administration
  • Reach us 24x7 via phone, email, or IRC
  • 1-hr response time
  • Best-practices consultation
  • Elastic, based on cluster size (# of server nodes)