Don’t obsess over your database

Enjoy hours back as data experts monitor and manage your data needs 24/7.

    In the 2016 State of DBaaS report, developers reveal:
  • The impact of Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS)
  • Why they prefer a managed service
  • How it has given them hours back in their day

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State of DBaaS Report 2016

Do-it-yourself versus Database-as-a-Service

Unlike do-it-yourself (DIY) databases, DBaaS solutions such as IBM® Cloudant® are managed 24x7 by data experts. So instead of worrying about mundane operational tasks, you can concentrate on building amazing apps. Use the slider below to explore DIY versus a managed DBaaS for yourself.

With DBaaS, you just develop apps
Do-it-yourself database

See how DBaaS enables these users to do more.

Skechers improves customer experience

RadPad scales business

We are just getting started, but the benefits of less money spent, staff time saved and faster feature development are remarkable.

Project Manager, Small Business Automotive & Transport Company


I don’t have to think about the database anymore. It just works and lets us focus on moving quickly and getting features off the ground.

David Díaz, CTO,

TVID 964-35C-719

Very good; makes developing apps fun again. I feel I have a big competitive advantage over my competition, which stays in the comfort zone of SQL + ORM.

CEO, Small Business Computer Software Company

TVID 2F2-EEA-229

Can’t get enough DBaaS?

Check out how you can scale larger and gain flexibility through your favorite open source databases - Cloudant, MongoDB, Redis and IBM Graph - all fully managed so you can concentrate on what’s important.

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