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Multidimensional visual analysis

Uncover hidden connections and patterns in data to disrupt attacks and identify who's behind them.

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Advanced analytics that perform at speed

Ingest, simplify and analyze overwhelming and disparate data sets with unprecedented speed.

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Enhance and leverage existing infrastructure and systems

Thanks to an open and interoperable design, unlock advanced analytics capabilities by integrating third party applications

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Fortify your security strategy

Securely share new insights with those who need to know. Feed what you learn back into your existing security measures to disrupt future attacks


The cost of cybercrime in the global by 2019


The amount of time a cyber breach can go undetected

Cyber threats: Identify the who and why

IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis helps analysts and investigators turn overwhelming, and disparate data sets into comprehensive intelligence, in near real-time. You can derive hidden connections and patterns buried in enterprise, third party and public data sets. Then, use these insights to assess and understand threatscapes to turn a defensive cyber strategy into an aggressive one.

Keeping the Lights On: Cybersecurity and the Power Grid


Build smarter cybersecurity strategies

IBM i2 solutions integrate visual analysis with advanced analytics capabilities, enabling you to generate a comprehensive understanding of your threat scape.

Video analytics software performing the facial recognition technology on a surveillance camera recorded activity.

IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis for Cyber Threat Analysis

Video analytics software performing the facial recognition technology on a surveillance camera recorded activity.

Rapidly uncover time sensitive insights about your attackers and their motivations, so you can adjust and enhance your cyber security measures against them. IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis helps the analyst to uncover hidden connections buried within data, bringing rapid clarity to complex investigations and generating actionable insights, in near-real time.

Need Help Understanding Threat Analysis?


In addition to cyber threats, there are a variety of other threats that can do serious harm to your organization. Take a short security self-assessment to find out if your enterprise is secure from these ongoing threats.


IDC: Intelligence-led security

By pairing multi-dimensional visual analysis capabilities with powerful analytics tools, IBM gives analyst teams an effective early-detection, cyber-intelligence weapon for its arsenal.

The awakening of cyber threat analysis: An intelligence-driven solution to security and risk

IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis helps you learn how the use of advanced analytics generate powerful insights to combat cyber threats and how to fortify your existing security strategy.

The evolving face of cyber threats

The world faces a rapidly changing array of advanced cyber threats that pose a greater danger than ever before.

Counter and mitigate more attacks with cyber threat analysis

Incorporate cyber threat analysis into your security strategy and turn your defense into a proactive offense.

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