Reduction in call center volume


Increase in revenue from campaigns

Use predictive analytics and cognitive computing to anticipate problems, inform consumers of what to expect and know the additional services that will appeal to them. Analyze voice, SMS and smartphone app data in real-time to measure and improve the customer experience across all channels and services.

A perfect match of network and customer data

"With the help of the IBM’s Customer Network Analytics Platform, we were able to make the perfect match between what we already have in place coming from the network and what we already also had in regards to the customer information and the data plans, the voice plans. " Rodolfo Carlos López Lozano, Project Manager, Telefónica México


Ovum Decision Matrix

Learn how leading customer analytics vendors stack up against each other in terms of technology, execution of strategy and market impact.

Proactive Customer Care Outlook

Why telecom operators need analytics to understand their customers—and maintain their loyalty.

Assess your needs

How effective do you use advanced analytics?

Retaining and Monetizing your Customers

A recording of a webinar with Light Reading analyst Sandra O'Boyle and IBM.

Save Over 100 Million Dollars Per Year

Learn about three CSPs who have implemented IBM Proactive Care to save millions of dollars per year.

A Goldmine of Customer Data

Discover the innovative ways leading global organizations are turning insight into action—and profitable results.

Customer success stories

Telefonica Mexico

Deliver excellent client service with IBM Analytics.

XO Communications

Using predictive analytics to identify subscribers at risk and give them a reason to stay.

Celcom Axiata

Improve customer loyalty based on near real-time analysis of system usage.