Accuracy of predicting cancellations and non-renewals


Expected improvement in marketing ROI

Achieve Customer Centricity

With emerging customer service expectations, transformation is crucial to the insurance industry. To remain competitive, insurers must focus on predicting customer needs by utilizing data and its cognitive capabilities. Insurers can then optimize the customer experience and retain highly valuable policyholders while identifying new sales opportunities.


Rethinking Insurance

a How cognitive computing enhances engagement and efficiency.

Cut through the web of insurance fraud

Successful implementation requires good communication, committed leadership and a shared articulation of goals.

Changing the landscape of customer experience

Powerful tools go beyond simple number crunching to improve your ability to listen and anticipate the needs of customers.

Customer success stories

Infinity Insurance

Infinity Insurance Company staking the claims process on predictive analytics.

Standard Life

Fostering closer customer engagement and nurturing loyalty with personalized marketing