In Munich, leading experts from IBM, our partners and our clients showcased the most current analytics solutions.

Data in the Cloud

Store, manage and analyze data in the cloud. Deploy new services need to manage data where it is created. See how to incorporate cloud-based data into your analytics strategy.

Data on the ground

See how your data platform can support transactional, analytic and new open source application data formats directly. Quickly deploy new data stores in a few clicks, absorb and analyze vast amounts of data in real time and manage your environment from one location.

Data you can use

Find and understand the data residing in your business today. See how to govern its use - to limit what can be seen, by whom and to protect it through encryption. Learn how to simplify your governance and minimize risk using cognitive computing technology.

Data you can see

Ask the right questions to get the right answers to WHAT is happening in the business. Then watch business users and trained analysts collaborate to understand WHY it is happening. See how to visualize information to gain insight and experience the newest ways to see patterns in unstructured data. Let Watson technology guide business users through data to find new insights and watch experienced data analysts use precision tools to create advanced visuals from data across the business.

Data used to learn

Machine learning has become popular as a means to apply human like intelligence to understanding data.

See how the IBM Data Science Experience platform enables you to rapidly build, train and deploy machine learning models in a collaborative environment. Enable applications with real-time scoring for instant personalized behavior. Learn about prescriptive analytics - how to find the optimal way to achieve a business outcome given a set of initial conditions.