Enterprise Analytics in the Cognitive Era

The IBM z Analytics solution enables "live" enterprise data to be accessed in place for fast, accurate responses to analytic queries & creation of predictive insight.

Put Enterprise Data to Work for Real Time Analytics

Enterprise data continues to be a primary and critical data source for many analytic initiatives including those focused on machine learning. Being able to integrate transactional and historical data from IBM z Systems with other non-relational data sources enables powerful analytic and cognitive insights to drive your business forward.

Integrating with the cloud, the IBM z Analytics solution enables organizations to take advantage of "live" enterprise data, in place, to deliver fast, accurate responses to analytic queries and generate real-time predictive insight.

With Spark support for z/OS, organizations get a holistic view of all enterprise data that is easily integrated with other structured and unstructured data -- with minimal to no impact on transactional systems. With Db2 for z/OS at the foundation, offerings like IBM Machine Learning for z/OS and Db2 Analytics Accelerator coupled with other z Analytics solutions including QMF and Db2 Analytics Accelerator Loader for z/OS deliver a highly agile, real-time transactional and analytics environment -- all within a highly secure z Systems perimeter.



The IBM z Analytics solution offers extensive analytics capabilities for organizations looking to drive real-time insight and business value out of their enterprise data.


Db2 for z/OS

The Enterprise Data Server for business critical transactions and analytics


Db2 Analytics Accelerator

The workload optimized appliance to integrate analytic insights into operational processes


Machine Learning for z/OS

Infuse continuous intelligence throughout your enterprise.


Query Management Facility (QMF)

A zero-footprint, mobile-enabled and highly secure business analytics solution with visual reports and dashboards


Db2 Tools for z/OS

Utilities and tools to maximize database performance and availability, reduce cost, and simplify data management.


Cognos Analytics

Next generation business intelligence that interprets your intent and guides you to faster results


Learn how z Analytics solutions can put enterprise data to work as part of your Analytics environment.


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QMF Provides access to a wide range of enterprise data sources for powerful analytics

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