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Connect applications and devices to your organization's mainframe



Move from Oracle databases to IBM Db2 and spend up to 80% less in the first year alone.

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Make business data directly available

IBM Db2 Connect connects different applications in your enterprise to your company's mainframe. It provides the application enablement and scalable communication infrastructure for connecting web, Microsoft® Windows®, UNIX®, Linux® and mobile applications to IBM® z/OS®, IBM® AS/400™, IBM® iSeries, and IBM® System i® data.

Optimize performance

Optimize performance of new or existing applications—with development tuning for web-enabled mainframe functionality and accelerated performance of Java and .NET applications.

Control costs

Take advantage of cost-effective licensing terms. It helps you reduce administration costs with autonomic administration features and advances in performance, manageability and installation.

Connect data across the enterprise

Consolidate access and gain connectivity from a variety of desktop systems. Enable applications and highly scalable communications infrastructure.

Boost SQL performance

Help mitigate the risk of SQL injection for your Db2 applications. Using IBM® pureQuery® technology, you can optimize SQL, improve security and speed problem resolution.

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Db2 Connect Unlimited Advanced Edition for System z

A cost-effective solution for organizations that use Db2 Connect extensively, especially where multiple applications are involved.


Db2 Connect Unlimited Edition for System z

A solution for unlimited access to Db2 data on System z with no more licensing restrictions on the number or types of connections from multitier client/server or web applications. Apply the license to System z once for easier client installation and configuration.


Db2 Connect Unlimited Edition for System i

Integrates iSeries data with client/server, web, mobile and service-oriented architecture (SOA) applications. IBM eServer iSeries customers gain unified application development, integrated data and pervasive data functionality.


Db2 Connect Application Server Advanced Edition

Makes your host data available to large multitier and web applications. It is designed for large-scale environments that require access to IBM Db2 on System z or System i platforms. It includes IBM Data Studio and the IBM InfoSphere Optim pureQuery Runtime environment to help improve the way databases are developed, tested and deployed.


Db2 Connect Application Server Edition

Makes your host data available to large multitier and web applications. It is designed for multitier client/server or web applications that require access to Db2® data on System z or System i platforms.


Db2 Connect Enterprise Edition

Connects LAN-based systems and their desktop applications to your company’s mainframe and minicomputer host databases. You can consolidate your host access through a gateway, and deploy web and multi-tier applications.


Db2 business value offerings

Db2 Advanced Recovery Feature

A suite of advanced database backup, recovery, and data extraction tools. It is complementary for Db2 Express Server Edition and higher.


Db2 Performance Management Offering

An enterprise performance management suite. It is complementary for Db2 Enterprise, Workgroup and Express Server editions.


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