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Screen shot from the video discussing the vision for Db2 becoming the database for AI


IBM Db2: The AI database

Learn about the future of IBM Db2® — announced at Think 2019 — and how it will be firmly positioned as the database for AI.

What is Db2?

Db2 is a family of hybrid data management products designed to help you manage both structured and unstructured data on premises, private and public cloud environments. Db2 is built on an intelligent common SQL engine designed for scalability and flexibility. Originally released by IBM in 1983 as the company’s first commercially available relational database, Db2 continues to deliver innovation as an industry-leading platform for efficient hybrid data management. It drives high-impact data insights, seamless business continuity and real business transformation.

The Db2 data management revolution continues with high-performance solutions powered by machine learning to enable your AI initiatives.

Top capabilities to be delivered as part of the Db2 AI database vision

Icon representing confidence-based query results with Db2

Confidence-based query results leveraging machine learning scored SQL queries

Icon representing enterprise-grade scalability for Db2

Enterprise-grade resiliency, scalability and security through a Common SQL engine

Icon representing the high query performance of Db2

Up to 10x better query performance with the machine learning SQL optimizer

Icon representing faster data exploration in natural language with Db2

Faster data exploration in natural language using natural language query and augmented data exploration

Icon representing high performance of Db2

High performance powered by cost optimizer, machine learning optimizer and adaptive workload management

 Icon representing using Db2 to build AI-based apps

Build AI-based applications with Python, GO, JSON and Jupyter notebooks

Icon representing modeling of complex relationships

Model complex relationships using Db2 graph and SQL

Icon representing the Db2 blockchain connector

Blockchain-ready with the Db2 blockchain connector

Icon representing no data movement with Db2

No data movement and a single view of all data through data virtualization

In the spotlight

Db2 Database

On-premises database optimized to deliver industry-leading performance while lowering costs. IBM Db2 Database is supported across Linux, Unix, and Windows operating systems.

With the Db2 simplification effort, you can now download and use Db2 for as long as you’d like, free of charge, with no strings attached. Read more.

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