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When you are able to harness big data from a wide range of sources, and analyze it in many different ways, you uncover insights that can have a profound effect on your business. See how IBM has helped organizations in every industry realize the value of big data and analytics.


Image: Becker Underwood Image: Becker Underwood IndustrialBecker Underwood uses predictive analytics to improve inventory turn and forecasting accuracy. (03:45)Solutions for Operations

Image: Recology Image: Recology IndustrialRecology improves operational efficiency, transporting waste to collection facilities more efficiently by mining and analyzing data faster. (02:53) Solutions for Operations

Image: Mueller, Inc. Read the story Industrial Mueller, Inc. improves sales performance and creates more effective business plans using business intelligence analytics.(629KB) Solutions for Finance

Image: Jabil Circuit Read the story Industrial Jabil Circuit uses analytics to reduce the time needed for the financial close each month. (600KB) Solutions for Finance

Image: Coates Hire Read the story Industrial Coates Hire quickly solves top-priority issues using a dashboard that delivers instant insight into asset-related issues. (689KB)Solutions for Finance

Image: Vestas Image: Vestas Industrial Vestas analyzes a wide range of weather data to help situate wind turbines for optimal energy output. (01:30) Solutions for Operations

Image: Adam's County Sheriff's Office Image: Adam's County Sheriff's Office Government Adam's County Sheriff's Office solves crimes faster by enabling officers to access and analyze vital data in the field. (03:09) Solutions for Operations

Image: City of Toulouse Read the storyGovernment City of Toulouse, France, identifies and prioritizes citizens’ most pressing issues using social media analytics. (79KB) Solutions for Operations

Image: Miami-Dade Police Department Image: Miami-Dade Police Department Government Miami-Dade Police Department uses statistical analytics to find similarities in crime patterns. (03:32) Download PDF (2MB) Solutions for Operations

Image: Regina Police Service Read the storyGovernment Regina Police Service identifies and removes inappropriate content from social media sites using content analytics tools. (751KB) Solutions for New business models

Image: Durham NCPD Image: Durham NCPD Government Durham, NC, Police Department reduces violent crime in a high-crime region by over 50% with predictive analytics. (03:20) Solutions for Operations

image: Ishinomaki City Read the story GovernmentIshinomaki City revitalizes the local fishing industry by analyzing fish species and location data. (80KB) Solutions for Risk

Image: Chickasaw Nation Image: Chickasaw Nation Government Chickasaw Nation reduces month-end close process by 50% and improves customer experience with predictive and patron analytics. (05:45) Solutions for Finance

Image: Singapore Land Transit Authority Image: Singapore Land Transit Authority GovernmentSingapore Land Transit Authority provides a more convenient transportation system using predictive tools and smart cards. (04:09) Solutions for Operations

Image: State of North Carolina Image: State of North Carolina GovernmentState of North Carolina identifies millions of dollars in suspicious Medicaid claims to mitigate fraud by using advanced analytics. (02:13) Solutions for Operations

Image: BC Egg Read the story Consumer products, Government BC Egg uses analytics to cut basic farm inspection workload by 66% and significantly reduce the budget cycle. (862KB) Solutions for Operations

Image: Swiss Re Image: Swiss Re Insurance Swiss Re centralizes data analysis and reporting, speeding report generation by 70 percent. (02:36) Download PDF (550KB) Solutions for IT

Image: Swiss Mobiliar Image: Swiss Mobiliar Insurance Swiss Mobiliar accelerates reporting, delivering actionable insights to business users faster. (02:31) Download PDF (677KB) Solutions for IT

Image: Infinity Property & Casualty Image: Infinity Property & Casualty Insurance Infinity Property & Casualty uses predictive analytics to improve right-tracking of claims to speed claim handling. (03:17) Solutions for Operations

Image: Daimler FleetBoard Read the story Automotive, Insurance Daimler FleetBoard - Mercedes Benz uses an analytics-based telematics solution to price insurance based on driver behavior. (81KB) Solutions for Marketing

Image: Allianz Group Read the story Insurance Allianz Group gains greater visibility into its equity basis with centralized risk management and advanced analytics. (79KB) Solutions for Risk

Image: Security First Insurance Image: Security First Insurance Insurance Security First boosts productivity and customer satisfaction using content analytics to bridge social media and the claims process. (04:22) Download PDF (88KB) Solutions for Operations

Image: Westfield Insurance Image: Westfield Insurance Insurance Westfield Insurance gains deeper insights using business intelligence and analytics to improve risk selection and customer service. (04:01) Download PDF (932KB) Solutions for Operations

Image: AAA NCNU Read the story Insurance AAA Northern California, Nevada and Utah enabled its compensation team to manage compensation plans without external support. (622KB) Solutions for Operations

Image: Banca Carige Read the storyBanking Banca Cariage meets changing customer demands using a centralized analytics environment and mobile banking. (632KB) Solutions for Marketing

Image: First Tennessee Bank Image: First Tennessee Bank Banking First Tennessee Bank increases marketing response rate using predictive analytics to better target offers to high-value customers. (04:12) Download PDF(358KB) Solutions for Marketing

Image: Pioneer West Virginia Credit Union Image: Pioneer West Virginia Credit Union Banking Pioneer West Virginia Credit Union analyzes real-time data to reduce loan delinquency ratio by 95% in one year. (04:28) Download PDF (821KB) Solutions for Finance

Image: Barclays Read the story Banking Barclays reveals hot topics and customer sentiment in real time, using advanced analytics in a collaborative forum. (933KB)Solutions for Finance

Image: Fiserv Image: Fiserv Banking Fiserv provides trusted data and analysis to clients, and insights from billions of transactions for better targeted offers. (02:29) Solutions for Marketing

Image: Banco Bilbao Read the story Banking Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria improves its online reputation with analytics that quickly respond to online feedback. (779KB)Solutions for Marketing

Image: MoneyGram Image: MoneyGram Banking MoneyGram International gains real-time actionable insight to quickly identify questionable patterns and stop fraud before it happens. (02:15) Download PDF (569KB) Solutions for Operations

Image: T-Mobile Image: T-Mobile Telecommunications T-Mobile gains real-time actionable insight into the data flowing through its entire network in seconds. (03:10) Solutions for Operations

Image: Sprint velocity Image: Sprint velocity Telecommunications Sprint Velocity stores driver preferences in the cloud to create a more personalized in-vehicle experience for drivers. (00:40) Solutions for New business models

Image: Consolidated Communications Holdings Read the story Telecommunications Consolidated Communications Holdings, Inc. detects 100% of major incidents in its network using real-time predictive analytics. (684KB) Solutions for IT

Image: XO Communications See customer story Telecommunications XO Communications uses predictive analytics to identify subscribers at risk and give them a reason to stay. Solutions for Marketing

Image: Ufone Read the story Telecommunications Ufone creates more precisely targeted offers, reducing customer churn by analyzing call detail records faster. (411KB) Solutions for Marketing

Image: Sprint Image: Sprint Telecommunications Sprint uses big data analytics to put real-time intelligence and control back into the network, driving a 90% increase in capacity. (03:06) Solutions for Operations

Image: C Spire Wireless Read the story Telecommunications C Spire Wireless optimizes its service mix and offers by applying predictive analytics on customer and account-profile data. (78KB) Solutions for Marketing

Image: TEOCO Read the story Telecommunications TEOCO enables analysis of volumes of big data to uncover the source of cost and network issues, resulting in big savings.(747KB) Solutions for IT

Image: Qualcomm Image: Qualcomm Telecommunications Qualcomm consolidates large data warehouses to lower costs and make advanced analytics simpler, faster and more accessible. (04:18) Download PDF (703.9KB) Solutions for IT

Image: Celcom Axiata Image: Celcom Axiata Telecommunications Celcom Axiata personalizes communications to improve customer loyalty based on near real-time analysis of system usage. (04:27) Download PDF (3MB) Solutions for Marketing

Image: NTT Plala Inc. Read the story Telecommunications NTT Plala Inc. gains deeper insights about viewers and their viewing habits to make personalized recommendations and increase viewership. (102KB) Solutions for Marketing

Image: Kuakini Health System Read the storyHealthcare Kuakini Health System enables quick and easy analysis of research data using a new data warehousing solution. (590KB) Solutions for IT

Image: Emory University Hospital Image: Emory University Hospital Healthcare Emory University Hospital uses streaming analytics to gain real-time lifesaving insights on patients. (02:04) Solutions for Operations

Image: Catalonia Image: Catalonia Government, Healthcare Catalonia Dept of Health offers care providers a complete view of patient data to help predict critical points in care. (03:03) Solutions for New business models

Image: Premier healthcare alliance Image: Premier healthcare alliance Healthcare Premier Healthcare alliance uses analytics to manage big data across clinical, operational and supply chain systems. (03:13) Download PDF (1MB) Solutions for Operations

Image: WellPoint, Inc. Read the story Healthcare WellPoint generates recommendations to nurses using IBM Watson capabilities, helping them make evidence-based decisions. (114KB) Solutions for Operations

Image: Seattle Children’s Hospital Image: Seattle Children’s Hospital Healthcare Seattle Children's Hospital extracts critical insights from vast and complex data, helping to improve patient care. (02:08) Download PDF (761KB) Solutions for IT

Image: Memorial Healthcare System Image: Memorial Healthcare System Healthcare Memorial Healthcare System reduces invoice cycles and reveals vendor relationship problems, mitigating fraud using content analytics. (04:26) Download PDF (1MB) Solutions for Operations

Image: Seton Healthcare Family Image: Seton Healthcare Family Healthcare Seton Healthcare Family minimizes readmission of heart failure patients by uncovering insights from unstructured data. (03:01) Solutions for IT

Image: UCLA Department of Neurosurgery Image: UCLA Department of Neurosurgery Healthcare UCLA Department of Neurosurgery analyzes streaming data to predict a crisis before it happens. (01:27) Solutions for New business models

image: MSK Read the story Healthcare Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center compares patient data to massive volumes of medical literature using IBM Watson. (1MB) Solutions for Operations

image: McKinley Children’s Center Read the story Healthcare McKinley Children’s Center identifies the key variables that impact each child's success using predictive analytics and modeling. (720KB) Solutions for Operations

Image: Novartis AG Image: Novartis AG Healthcare Novartis AG reduces litigation and improves regulatory compliance with defensible, routine disposal of unnecessary data. (03:32) Solutions for Risk

Image: shop.ca Read the story Retail SHOP.CA improves the search experience, targets personalized emails and improves click-through rates using advanced analytics. (147KB) Solutions for Marketing

image: Luxottica Read the story Retail Luxottica creates personalized campaigns based on real-time analytics of geospatial, behavior-based customer data. (84KB) Solutions for Marketing

Image: Destination XL Read the story Retail Destination XL motivates its sales team to increase customer satisfaction and sales with analytics-based compensation. (638KB)Solutions for Finance

Image: ConAgra Mills Image: ConAgra Mills Consumer products ConAgra Mills uses real-time insights from big data to drive smarter selling decisions and improvements in capacity utilization. (04:11) Solutions for Finance

Image: Marist College Read the storyEducation Marist College uses a cloud-based analytics model that effectively predicts student outcomes with 80% accuracy. (136KB) Solutions for Operations

Image: USC Annenberg Image: USC Annenberg Education USC Annenberg Innovation Lab uncovers consumer sentiment in near-real time by analyzing millions of social media conversations. (03:19) Download PDF (657KB) Solutions for IT

Image: University of Western Ontario Read the story Education University of Western Ontario physicists analyze thousands of synchrotronic images in real time using IBM stream computing. (1MB) Solutions for New business models

Image: Waterbury Public Schools Read the story Education Waterbury Public Schools gains insight into student performance and faster intervention for those at-risk using advanced analytics. (622KB) Solutions for Operations

Image: NCSU Image: NCSU Education North Carolina State University helps students learn to make data-driven decisions using content analytics on the cloud. (03:46) Solutions for New business models

image: University of Telecommunications Leipzig Read the story Education University of Telecommunications Leipzig better prepares students for the job market by analyzing job postings for emerging trends. (126KB) Solutions for Marketing

Image: University of California Image: University of California Education University of California manages risks more effectively by analyzing large volumes of data. (03:40) Solutions for Risk

Image: National Football League Image: National Football League Media and entertainmentThe National Football League schedules compelling match-ups on the best days by analyzing data faster. (03:05)Solutions for Operations

Image: U.S. Open Image: U.S. Open Media and entertainment U.S. Open improves the experience for fans, tennis players, event organizers and broadcasters using predictive analytics. (02:47) Solutions for Marketing

Image: Wimbledon Championships Read the story Media and entertainment Wimbledon Championships delivers detailed real-time match data with sentiment analysis to mobile, TV and web viewers. (1MB) Solutions for Marketing

Image: Leicester Tigers Read the story Media and entertainment Leicester Tigers Football Club forecasts player injuries using predictive analytics on physical and psychological stress data. (71KB) Solutions for Operations

Image: eHarmony Read the story Media and entertainment eHarmony extracts insights from member behavior data to deliver more personalized messages and improve its matching algorithm. (84KB) Solutions for IT

image: Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium Read the story Media and entertainment Point Definance Zoo & Aquarium correlates historical point-of-sale and climate data to help managers adjust staffing needs.(71KB) Solutions for Marketing

Image: Daimler AG Read the story Automotive Daimler AG boosts productivity of its cylinder-head production and cuts its ramp-up time in half with predictive analytics. (604KB) Solutions for Operations

Image: FleetRisk Read the story Automotive, Travel and transportation FleetRisk Advisors uses predictive analytics to identify drivers who are at greatest risk of accident. (780KB) Solutions for Finance

Image: Continental corp See customer story Automotive Continental Corp. uses onboard sensors and crowdsourced vehicular data to help make the roads safer. Solutions for IT

Image: Dublin City Countil Read the story Government, Travel and transportation Dublin City Council provides near-real-time estimates for bus arrival and transit times using predictive analytics on geospatial data. (82KB) Solutions for Operations

Image: Denihan Hospitality Group Image: Denihan Hospitality Group Travel and transportation Denihan Hospitality Group uses advanced analytics to provide guests with the right room at the right time and price. (03:51) Solutions for Marketing

Image: Nagoya Railroad Read the story Travel and transportation Nagoya Railroad drives revenue using analytics to identify customer travel habits and run targeted marketing campaigns. (86KB)Solutions for Marketing

Image: Petrol d.d. Read the storyEnergy and utilities Petrol d.d. enables employees to offer retail customers the right offers at the right time by accelerating analytics. (678KB) Solutions for Marketing

Image: CenterPoint Energy Read the story Energy and utilities CenterPoint Energy fosters power conservation and improves service by monitoring its smart grid using real-time analytics. (930KB)Solutions for Operations

Image: nVizo Image: nVizo Professional services nViso analyzes facial expressions to turn browsing shoppers into buyers. (02:43) Download PDF (663KB) Solutions for Marketing

Image: Fluid, Inc. Read the story Professional services, Retail Fluid, Inc. develops a personal shopper app powered by IBM Watson that puts an expert sales associate in the consumer’s hands. (85KB) Solutions for Marketing

Image: AP (Thailand) Read the story Professional Services AP (Thailand) Public Co. Ltd. uses predictive analytics to precisely target market segments, increasing customer response. (75KB) Solutions for Marketing

Image: Baker & McKenzie Image: Baker & McKenzie Professional Services Baker & McKenzie analyzes unstructured case documentation to reveal previously unknown relational insights to win more cases. (03:23) Solutions for IT

Image: Findability Sciences Read the story Professional Services Findability Sciences teams with IBM to help clients acquire, grow and retain customers, using insights from powerful analytics. (671KB)Solutions for Marketing

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