Prevent Bank Fraud and Financial Crimes

Advances in technology are producing a growing number of financial crimes by malicious insiders and organized criminals. These advances provide malicious insiders and organized criminals more opportunity to commit crimes. IBM’s fraud and financial crime solutions provide customers with the tools to combat threats and the control to evolve their defenses to stay ahead of financial crimes.

Analyze and uncover fraud patterns

Resolve identities and hidden relationships sooner with predictive and entity analytics.

Gain visibility in to fraudulent activities

Broaden cross channel visibility and improve risk scoring using multi-layered analytical processing.

Accelerate case management

Accelerate case management

Accelerate investigations and the management of cases with superior forensics.

evolving money laundering schemes

Be more response

Adapt operations in response to evolving money laundering schemes with big data techniques.


Develop smarter strategies

IBM solutions provide a comprehensive set of advanced banking analytics and data management capabilities that deliver improved detection, monitoring, investigation and reporting of suspicious activity. Banks gain a clearer view of entities, relationships and hidden patterns to reduce potential financial impact and ensure regulatory compliance.

IBM AML Monitoring and Analytics for Banking

Identify high-risk money laundering regions, alerts and events to uncover suspicious activity, stop financial crime, and reduce exposure.

IBM Multi-Channel Fraud Analytics for Banking

Use rich analytics and predictive capabilities to anticipate and prevent fraud before it occurs, detect it quickly and mitigate the impact if it happens.

IBM Counter Fraud Management for Safer Payments

Combining artificial intelligence with human fraud expertise, this real-time cognitive solution delivers the function needed to detect and stop suspicious activity before payment is executed, and supports the entire cashless payment ecosystem, regardless of channel.


IBM Counter Financial Crimes Management

This solution is designed to help eliminate information silos, expand the observation space and enable unified enterprise business intelligence.

Facing off against fraud

This IBM Institute for Business Value report illustrates how organizations can make countering financial crimes a competitive differentiator.

Customer success stories

Global Payment Provider

Global Payment Provider enhances their ability to identify and interrupt potentially fraudulent transaction by 40% with IBM Analytics.