What’s new in unified governance and integration


Learn about the DataOps essentials to help you deliver business-ready data across your enterprise.

New product

IBM StoredIQ® InstaScan, an unstructured data management and privacy solution, identifies potential hot spots in data sources and reduces the time to collect compliance data.

Smart paper

Data and AI transformation begins with unified governance and integration.

Organize your data for a trusted, business-ready analytics foundation for AI


Automate how you discover, integrate and replicate all types of data


Establish the quality, governance and lineage of your data regardless of where it resides


Transform your business into a data-driven culture with self-service data

Act now to enable your organization to:

Govern your data lake

Embed data integration, data quality and availability into your data lake environment to accelerate exploration and unlock insights.

Offload your enterprise data warehouse

Offload EDW data and ETL workloads to a data lake or to Hadoop. Incorporate data integration, quality and governance to maintain trusted, clean data for analytics.

Accelerate personal data discovery and protection

Be prepared for data-privacy regulations. Act quickly to define, discover, catalog and protect personal data and to manage consent.

Gain 360-degree views of information

Empower data user and business leader with high value, 360-degree views of trusted data to drive business insights and intelligence.

Featured products

IBM Watson® Knowledge Catalog

Activate data for AI and analytics with a modern data catalog designed for data scientists, data governance professionals and business analysts. 

IBM InfoSphere® Advanced Data Preparation

Self-service access to trusted data and automated transformation helps you start analysis faster and speed up your enterprise data preparation.

IBM InfoSphere Virtual Data Pipeline

Accelerate application modernization with virtualized test data. Simplify how you capture, manage and use data.

Trusted data is key to digital transformation

Barbie Robinson, Director of the Department of Health Services, and Carolyn Staats, Innovation Division Director, describe how Sonoma County helps defeat forces of inequity through technology and how a 360-degree view of the customer helped the county break down information barriers and provide improved delivery of citizen services.

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