What is unified governance and integration?

Data governance introduces practices that optimize the value of data, clarifies the ownership of the data and enables businesses to make better decisions based on the data. A unified governance strategy helps bring order to structured and unstructured data by delivering governed information to the business. Is your data trustworthy and a source for insights and intelligence?

The IBM unified governance and integration platform and solutions empower you to know your data is correct and available to every data user, to trust your data to deliver efficiency and protection and to use your data to drive business transformation and innovation, including reaching AI faster.

Built on the flexibility of an open data platform, best-in-class security and governance, it helps you create a trusted analytics foundation to meet the demands of your enterprise on any platform — on premises, on cloud and in a hybrid environment — at any scale.

In the spotlight

IBM Data Privacy Academy

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Introducing IBM MDM Express

Rapidly and easily deploy a master data management solution to leverage trusted data and create a 360-degree view of information, within hours.

IBM Information Governance Catalog and Watson Knowledge Catalog

IBM is combining capabilities from IBM Information Governance Catalog with innovative user experiences from IBM Watson™ Knowledge Catalog, designed for metadata consumption for use in building your enterprise’s unified knowledge catalog.

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