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The digital economy, an empowered consumer and expanding regulatory scrutiny are putting great pressure on banks to adapt with new solutions and new business models. Banks constantly need to make risk-informed and customer centric decisions. IBM Analytics solutions can help banks evolve quickly to address these challenges and increase customer profitability, improve operational efficiency and manage risk more effectively.

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IBM has a suite of solutions to create a customer-focused enterprise, optimize enterprise risk management, and drive innovation while managing costs for the banking industry. Choose the area you are trying to improve in your business below to learn how we can help.

Create a Customer-focused Enterprise

Optimize Enterprise Risk Management

Drive Innovation while Managing Cost

Create a Customer-focused Enterprise

Today’s consumers expect more, better and faster. They want more choice, a better experience, and faster service. This requires banks to have a deeper understanding of customer needs, preferences and behavior than ever before. To engage today's empowered consumer, banks are putting the customers at the center of their business. By leveraging data and analytics, they can uncover new insight, improve engagement, and drive profitable growth.

Optimize Offers and Cross Sell

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IBM’s Behavior Based Customer Insight for Banking leverages predictive analytics to help you personalize customer engagement and deliver customized actions.

How can I gain new customer insight from social media data?

Optimizing offers and cross sell with analytics enables banks to create personalized, relevant experiences for individual customers with a focus on driving new revenue. It enables banks to discover new insights about their customers and take actions that can maximize customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention.

Solution: Leverage predictive analytics to help personalize the customer experience by making recommendations that are most relevant to each unique customer based on their behavior, web activity, social media activity and much more.

Learn more about how IBM Analytics can help you anticipate customer needs and deliver more timely and relevant offers.

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Leverage Social Media for Customer Insight

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Nedbank uses IBM's predictive analytics solutions to respond to customers in real time improving their customer experience, helping to drive more effective marketing results.

How can I gain new customer insight from social media data?

Social media has quickly risen to become an effective marketing tool not only to engage customers and strengthen relationships, but uncover new insight about their needs and preferences.

Solution: Analyze social media data from multiple channels to deliver valuable customer insight not available from any other source.

Learn more about how IBM Analytics can help you gain new customer insight from social media data.

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Contact Center Service Optimization

IBM Predictive Customer Intelligence takes customer information, applies predictive analytics, and delivers the best action to your front line – for exceptional customer experience.

How can I anticipate customer issues and resolve them more efficiently?

How well do you listen to the voice of the customer? Can you identify their problems, resolve their issues and respond to their needs--in real time? Better yet, do you have the means to anticipate your customer needs and resolve them before they become problems?

Solution: Deliver timely, actionable insight at the point of interaction to improve the customer experience across the enterprise.

Learn more about how IBM Analytics can help you anticipate customer issues and resolve them more efficiently.

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Optimize Enterprise Risk Management

Banks are challenged daily to balance opportunity and risk in a fast paced environment. The challenge is made more difficult with increasing regulatory demands. New data and analytics capabilities are the foundation for more effective enterprise risk management to not only lower business risk, counter financial crime, and achieve compliance, but are imperative for making informed risk-based decisions and driving improved business outcomes.

Fraud and Financial Crime Management

IBM Counter Fraud Management introduces advanced analytics and deep investigative analysis throughout the entire life-cycle of counter fraud operations. This enables organizations to aggressively handle fraudulent activity while pro-actively anticipating, preventing and continuously adapting to threats and evolving schemes.

How can I better predict, detect and investigate fraud and financial crime?

Fraud and financial crime can no longer be an acceptable cost of doing business. Fraud schemes are growing more sophisticated, the costs are getting higher and customer expectations are ever-increasing. To meet these challenges, the banking industry is fighting fraud and financial crime in new ways using big data and analytics.

By adopting a comprehensive counterfraud approach and leveraging the latest advancements in robust analytics, organizations can confidently protect themselves and their customers while growing the business.

Solution: Use big data and analytics capabilities that support today’s new approach to counter fraud management--to predict and prevent fraud before it happens, or detect it fast and mitigate the impact in the event it happens.

Learn more about how IBM Analytics can help you better predict, detect and investigate fraud and financial crime.

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Credit Risk Management

IBM delivers a unified solution of Algo Credit Exposure and Algo Market Risk for measuring and managing counterparty exposures for Scotia Bank.

How can I better manage credit worthiness and changes in financial stability?

Banks must better manage credit risk in today's volatile and complex environment by improving their ability to make risk-based credit decisions. Smarter credit risk management is all about harnessing data and applying advanced analytics to continually feed management information systems with forward-looking views of the business. It delivers value through allocating capital and resources more effectively to reflect an integrated and dynamic balance of risk.

Solution: Use analytics to help deliver real-time risk insight to meet regulatory expectations, improve decision making and maximize financial performance.

Learn more about how IBM Analytics can help you better manage credit worthiness and changes in financial stability.

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Cyber Intelligence

Get an integrated approach to prevent, detect and respond to advanced threats and attacks.

How can I better detect, prioritize, and prevent cyber threats?

In today’s complex and highly interconnected global marketplace, no organization can escape cyber security threats. To minimize their impact, banks can proactively prevent, discover and counteract threats, by deploying a comprehensive, data-centric security solution infused with analytics.

Solution: Take an integrated approach to security that combines deep security expertise with predictive analytical capabilities.

Learn more about how IBM Analytics can help better detect, prioritize, and prevent cyber threats.

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Drive Innovation while Managing Cost

What is the path to continuous innovation and improved business performance when bankers are continually asked to do more with less? Leading organizations are promoting a performance culture where decisions are based on deep business insight, driven by advanced analytics.

Optimize Financial Performance

See how IBM Cloud solutions can help you accelerate critical business decisions with real time, collaborative and mobile capabilities to optimally manage your financial performance.

How can I drive profitability and improve business flexibility?

How can banks drive improved profitability and business flexibility in today's competitive environment? Advanced analytics tools provide increased visibility, valuable predictive insight, and improved control through analytical capabilities and business process improvement.

Solution: Employ advanced predictive analytics to “anticipate and act” on evolving business conditions.

Learn more about how IBM Analytics can help drive profitability and improve business flexibility.

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Improve Incentive Compensation Management

Retail Banking Group at Bank of the West implemented automated incentive tracking to effectively manage compensation reporting and increase the efficiency of the compensation team.

How can I optimize employee compensation to improve performance and increase satisfaction?

Incentives and variable compensation have grown to be among the most important drivers of individual performance and employee satisfaction. But managing complex compensation plans that align with company goals can be a challenge to develop and manage and can be fraught with costly manual processes.

Solution: Automate the process of planning, calculating, reporting and analyzing variable-based pay programs.

Learn more about how IBM Analytics can help you optimize employee compensation to improve performance and increase satisfaction.

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Leverage Consumer Payment Insight

Deep insights into investor behavior now help to predict which financial products will be most popular with each customer segment, allowing Union Investment to target its sales and marketing efforts accordingly.

How can I monetize consumer payment information while lowering costs?

Every day, billions of consumer transactions make their way through global financial networks, and each one can tell a story. Yet many banks don't leverage the nuggets of consumer insight that are contained in these transactions. Leading banks today are using advanced predictive analytics to analyze customer behavior that can provide fresh insight on customer needs, preferences, intentions, and much more.

Solution: Analyze transactions and other customer behavior to provide new insight.

Learn more about how IBM Analytics can help you monetize consumer payment information while lowering costs.

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