Prepare for the unexpected with more accurate planning and forecasting

Supply chain planners are under constant pressure to reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve margins. Unfortunately, too many of them lack visibility into data and rely on manual planning tools. Best-in-class organizations use solutions that help adjust plans as needed and leverage deep insights to understand business drivers. This helps demand and supply chain professionals create supply chain plans that are smooth, synchronized and responsive.

Industry insights: maximizing supply chain effectiveness

Findings from Aberdeen’s research indicate that best-in-class companies are nearly 30% more likely to have an analytical, disciplined process in place to execute planning and forecasting. Leveraging this kind of model to constantly evaluate and react to changes in the market is the difference between chaos and a smoothly operating supply chain. Is your planning process best in class?

Drive a more dynamic and responsive supply chain

A single source of truth is vital for accurate planning. This principle extends across the entire organization – sales, finance, marketing, operations and the entire supply chain. The practice of working in silos only leads to inefficiency and errors.

Analyzing historical data to help demand planners identify trends, spot variances and conduct performance planning

Demand planners must have access to all historical data to be able to identify trends, spot variances and conduct sound demand forecasting. By creating a consensus plan, demand planners avoid mismatched data across multiple spreadsheets and can pivot in the case of disruptions like natural disasters or changing consumer preferences.

Monitoring the supply chain in real time to help supply planners create accurate supply forecasts

Supply planners need to understand what’s happening in the supply chain in real time, so they can create accurate supply forecasts. In order to avoid shortages and stock-outs leading to lost revenue, it’s necessary to be able to run what-if scenarios and ensure they are making the most informed decisions.

Using data visualization, flexible plans and what-if scenarios to help sales and operations planning managers make better business decisions

Sales and operations planning (S&OP) managers need a single version of the truth to make better business decisions and meet revenue goals. Easy-to-use data visualization, flexible plans that adapt to market demands and fast, what-if scenario assessments are crucial.

IBM Planning Analytics: Your key to supply chain planning, optimization and efficiency

Eliminating data silos

Abolish data silos with an integrated solution

Eliminate your data silos with an integrated planning solution that makes contribution and collaboration an everyday practice. Create consensus demand plans to gain broad buy-in.

Saving time and safeguarding accuracy

Maximize your time and ensure accuracy

Save time by automating data collection in one customizable workspace, available with a familiar Microsoft Excel interface. Ensure accuracy and one version of the truth.

Translating large volumes of data into visual reports

Translate data into simple visual reports

Easily analyze and manipulate large amounts of data into simple charts. Gather insights directly from your data and create more timely and reliable plans and forecasts.

Testing scenarios and dynamically updating plans

Do business in real time to adapt to the market

Test an unlimited number of complex scenarios to identify the best course of action. Understand the impacts of potential outcomes and dynamically update plans to adapt to market conditions.

IBM Planning Analytics features and benefits

  • Automates and streamlines planning, budgeting and forecasting processes
  • Supports fast and flexible, what-if scenario modeling (00:45)
  • Creates visualizations with more than 25 different charts, tables, maps, images and shapes
  • Incorporates scorecards and dashboards to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Enables rapid ROI with solution accelerators and pre-configured planning templates
  • Facilitates on cloud or on-premises deployment

Case studies

Fewer errors and more efficient inventory

Fleetpride’s supply chain managers gained game-changing insights into operations that improved the efficiency of their supply chain

Faster, more accurate inventory reporting

Allen Edmonds is evolving into a smarter business. They are providing better service to customers by optimizing their inventory and controlling costs.

Increasing sales forecast accuracy

Rotkappchen-Mumm is optimizing the production of product quantities based on accurate insights into current demand and future trends

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