Your data is telling a story

Data is all around us. Discover what your data is revealing to you. Spot trends and patterns and gain instant insight. Interact with data conversationally. Turn those seemingly endless spreadsheets into a story with one-click visualizations. Test correlations, discover relationships, and get meaningful answers.

What you need in a smart data discovery solution


Conversational interaction

Ask questions and get recommendations using the common terms and phrases you use on a daily basis (Natural Language Processing). Guided interactive discovery in natural language can deliver deeper and smarter insights than visualization alone.


Automated insights

Your understanding and experience impact the way you collect, analyze and report on data. Misinterpreted or incomplete data can lead to unintended consequences and hide the real drivers of your business. Built-in algorithms and predictive models automatically find relevant insights for you. With automated discovery and analysis, you will never have to know what to ask, reducing the opportunity for bias to influence your results.


A comprehensive view

Access structured and unstructured information from all the sources you need in one place. Expand your view when combined with sources like weather, social, and geospatial data, along with built-in connectors, so you can have a comprehensive view of your business. Bring your insights back into your business and drive decision-making for greater impact.

Featured solution

IBM Watson Analytics

Uncover the "why" of what happened in your business with deeper, objective insights from IBM Watson Analytics, an interactive experience using natural language that guides you to hidden patterns in your data in mere minutes. Automated exploration, modeling, and predictive capabilities, combined with sources like weather, social, and geospatial data, you are prepared to answer the “why” better than ever before.


IBM Watson Analytics for Social Media

Social media analytics technology that helps you achieve a holistic view of consumers, your market and competitors—all from millions of online sources.

IBM Cognos Analytics

Become more analytics-driven with an integrated solution for all your managed reporting, dashboarding, and self-service analytics needs. Empower people to work with data and find their own answers within a governed framework.

Planning Analytics

Planning, budgeting, forecasting and multidimensional analysis—powered by IBM TM1.


What's driving your business? Reveal the patterns in information

You don't have to be a magician to turn information into visual insights.

23 Reasons to get excited about data

Learn how data can power your business, make a difference to others, and do things you've never thought of before.

It's not Magic - It's Watson Analytics

Hidden insights can help you explore new ways of doing business and make better plans for confident growth. Watson Analytics takes away the hard part of uncovering insights and leaves you wondering, "Is this magic?"

Giving smart analytics a new name with Watson Analytics

Insights can tell a more meaningful story. Discover connections and relationships you never knew existed, and create data visualizations automatically, to bring it all together.

Customer success

Michigan State University

In order to deliver a top-notch on-campus experience, MSU Residential and Hospitality Services uses an IBM smart data discovery solution to understand how students and guests use its facilities, helping it fine-tune operations.

Shift Communications

Shift Communications is a top marketing firm who believes that citizen analysts answer the call to battle when bad analysis appears.

Hydra Consulting

The best ads don’t just sell products, they build relationships between your brand and your customers. Hydra Consulting is using social media analytics to understand how some ads engage viewers’ emotions, while others fade into obscurity.