Improve Customer Engagement

Analytics transform how consumers communicate, research and shop for goods and services. Pairing retail data analytics with social media insights and other internal and external, structured and unstructured data can help you find new and faster ways to optimize assortment, understand demand and engage consumers in a smaller, always-on world.

Sales and Product Analytics

Lift Insight

Knowing what has sold is one thing, getting insight on why it sold gives a different perspective to buyers, merchants and product managers. By identifying purchasing affinities, you can improve decision making related to merchandising.

Social Media Insight

Social Media Insight provides a robust retail solutions analysis to help you leverage social insights and product reviews to make price, promotion, and assortment decisions. This information can help you improve inventory turnover and sales.

Demand Insight

Demand Insight combines social, news, events and weather data with other external data sources to give you in-depth information about demand for products. This solution enhances your understanding of critical demand forces with pre-built functionality.

Customer Analytics

Predictive customer intelligence

Gain actionable insight based on all available retail data sources. Provide recommendations for targeted engagements with customers at any touch point to increase revenue and lifetime value.


Capitalize on Analytics for Retail

Generate new insights from retail data to improve customer engagement, optimize merchandising and enhance operational efficiency.

Retailers Confident in Analytics Payoff

Retailers embracing intellectual growth continue to leverage next-generation social media analytics engines to predict consumer behavior and adjust plans accordingly.

Make More Profitable Merchandising Decisions

Upgrade products and improve the customer experience by knowing what customers want and how they perceive your offerings.

Business Analytics in Retail Merchandising for Dummies

Get the strategies you need to attract new customers, improve customer retention and increase your earnings.

Retail Roundup

Top trends and industry news from retail experts - check out the blogs on IBM’s Big Data Hub.

Customer success stories

Buffalo David Bitton

Understanding sales trends across your channels so you can be sure you have the right products on hand to appeal to each customer

Honest Café

Cognitive analytics helped the company understand each customer and create a more profitable store environment.


Zalando aimed to reach more than 17 million active customers more effectively and deliver relebant promotions to nuture loyalty.