Together, IBM and Red Hat® have created a learning experience to help you build the skills and expertise to realize the full value of your IBM Cloud Pak® solutions. Clients are now able to purchase an IBM® Digital Learning subscription and Red Hat Learning subscription from IBM together.

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Are you looking for expertise? With our specialized skills, we can help you achieve fast results by understanding your goals, identifying risks, and guiding you each step of the way. Whatever your starting point, Data and AI Expert Labs can empower your business transformation.

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"I want to do something, but do not know where to start."

"I know where to start, but I want to validate the use case and ROI."

"I am ready to start my journey, and I have an initial use case."

"I have a project, but need expertise to deploy and implement."

Why Expert Labs?

Accelerated results

Professional expertise


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Convert architecture into implementation: install, build, test and deploy.


Identify and access business use cases, prioritize, and expedite outcomes.


Make your data ready for an AI and hybrid multicloud world.

Client success


Data and AI Expert Labs collaborated with Humana to develop a conversational voice agent with IBM Watson® to reduce costly pre-service calls and improve the provider experience with conversational AI.

Woodside Energy

Woodside looked to Data and AI Expert Labs and Watson™ technology to help them extract meaningful insights from 30 years of complex engineering data to enable fact-driven decision-making on complex projects.


Capitalogix relies on data science to outpace the market. Data and AI Expert Labs helped them migrate from IBM Netezza® to the IBM Integrated Analytics System, and now they are turning real-time data into real-time insights.                      

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