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Rethink traditional ways of working in order to plan for expected and unexpected disruption.

Why use a modern planning solution? Why now?


Only 8% of Microsoft Excel users report “no significant problems” when using Excel for planning (Source: BARC The Planning Survey 20)


61% of CFOs say their organizations face threats from competitors using innovative technologies or approaches (Source: IBV Cognitive Enterprise the finance opportunity 2019)


37% of CFOs plan to accelerate automation of new ways of working following the pandemic (Source: PwC May 2020)


34% of CFOs plan to use automation to improve the speed and accuracy of decision-making following the pandemic (Source: PwC May 2020)

What your assessment results include


Your resiliency rating (1-4)


How modern planning solutions help increase agility


The current market landscape and future trends


How IBM can help transform your business

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See how future-ready your financial operations are and how to emerge from the pandemic with resiliency. We’ll also show how you can use modern planning solutions to help increase customer satisfaction, reduce operation costs and drive new sources of revenue.