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Implement a data-driven model for your clients with IBM SPSS Statistics

Client insights

IBM SPSS® Statistics comes with a wide range of procedures: linear regression, monte carlo simulation for predicted what-if scenarios, geographical analysis and more. Watch the demo to see how these features can help you find new insights about your client's data. Generate reports that can be viewed on smart devices to empower you to make decisions anytime, anywhere.

Understanding complex relationships

IBM SPSS Statistics lets you provide insight into your clients’ complex business issues. Investigating the relationship between variables can be useful when studying consumer buying habits or analyzing credit risk. You can also easily predict categorical outcomes and perform classification of data. 

Make more time for analysis

In a fast-paced environment, analysts need to spend their time adding value to their clients’ business results, not preparing data for analysis. With IBM SPSS Statistics, analysts can choose a completely automated data preparation procedure for the fastest results.

Predict trends and develop forecasts

Predict trends and develop forecasts quickly and easily — without being an expert statistician. Professional services firms can use time-series analysis for sales response models, marketing expenditures, supply-chain demand and more.

In the spotlight

IBM SPSS Statistics: Propel research and analysis with a fast and powerful solution

IBM SPSS Statistics provides core predictive analytics capabilities. It helps you to understand data, analyze trends, forecast and plan to validate assumptions and drive accurate conclusions.

Customer success

LDB Group

LDB Group is using IBM SPSS software to analyze customer expectations for a major auto firm to gain valuable insights into what makes customers happy and spot areas needing improvement.