IBM wins a 2018 Red Dot Design Award for SPSS Statistics

AIconics names IBM Watson best innovator in natural language processing


Modernize your data estate for an AI and multicloud world with IBM Cloud Private for Data 

The most secure, fast and modernized data collection and analytic platform.

—Mark Kyalo, Faymare Films

IBM Cloud Private for Data

Unlock the value of your data and inject intelligence into your apps. Your journey to AI-powered modernization is easier than you think. Sign up for access to IBM Cloud Private Experiences. 


Help make your data simple and accessible with hybrid data management

The online sales portal enables our insurance agents to advise customers more effectively. They have better-targeted information at hand and can react faster to inquiries, helping raise satisfaction and providing competitive advantage.

—Philipp Niederau, IT Architect, Generali Deutschland Informatik Services GmbH

IBM Db2® on Cloud

Built for robust performance, this system provides a high-availability option with a 99.99% uptime SLA. Scale up or down as your needs change. Leverage rolling security updates for peace of mind. 

IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud 

Manage data properly over its lifetime. Support business goals with less risk and with improved governance. 

IBM Db2 Big SQL 

A hybrid, high performance SQL engine for Hadoop, with support for a variety of data sources and object stores. 

IBM Db2 Advanced Enterprise Edition 

Advanced data management and analytics capabilities for your transactional and warehousing workloads. 

IBM Db2 Event Store

Store and analyze over 250 billion events per day with this in-memory database that’s optimized for event-driven data and analysis. 

IBM Db2 Warehouse

This software-defined data warehouse for private and virtual clouds is optimized for fast and flexible deployment. 

Integrated Analytics System 

A high-performance analytics appliance with seamless cloud integration and embedded IBM Watson Studio for machine learning. 

Hybrid Data Management Platform

A flexible, single-license platform that provides you access to all the products and services within the Db2 family portfolio—on premises, private cloud or public cloud. 

IBM Informix® 

A security-rich, embeddable database that’s optimized for OLTP and Internet of Things (IoT) data.  


Create a trusted, business-ready analytics foundation with unified governance and integration  

Critically, I have peace of mind that we are managing and retaining data in line with our internal policies and relevant regulations. With automated reporting and a full audit trail of how each piece of information has been stored, meeting compliance and auditing requirements will be so much easier.

—Candace McCabe, J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc.

IBM Watson® Knowledge Catalog 

Power intelligent, self-service discovery of data, models and more, activating them for artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning. 

IBM InfoSphere® Information Server 

Understand, cleanse, monitor, transform, and deliver data to collaborate and bridge the gap between business and IT.  

IBM InfoSphere DataStage® 

Integrate data across multiple enterprise systems with a high-performance parallel framework. 

IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management 

Manage your critical enterprise data, no matter which system or model, and deliver that data to your application users in a single 360-degree view. 

IBM StoredIQ® Suite 

Make better decisions with visibility into data. Get in-depth assessments of unstructured data where it lives. 

IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer 

Evaluate data quality and structure within systems and across systems. Access a reusable rules library that supports multi-level evaluations.  

IBM Industry Models 

Accelerate your analytics journey. Apply best practices and compliance using pre-designed industry-specific content. 

IBM InfoSphere Data Replication 

Support analytics initiatives at scale when you use log-based-change data capture with transactional integrity.  

IBM InfoSphere Optim™ 

Data lifetime management with less risk and improved governance across applications, databases and platforms.  

IBM Master Data Management Express  

Know your customer without spending precious time collecting and matching data. IBM Master Data Management Express automates data matching, meaning you get a consolidated view of your customer data from just about anywhere — faster.

IBM Cognos® Integration Server  

Source cube data from different sources to lessen the need for custom integrations and to help manage compliance risk. 


Scale insights with machine learning everywhere using data science and AI

Link managers have quick, easy access to the latest operational data via detailed reports that help them make smarter, more informed decisions to improve the efficiency of the entire supply chain.

—Homarjun Agrahari, Director, Advanced Analytics, FleetPride

IBM Watson Studio

Ranked by Forrester as the Leader in Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning Platforms, this offering provides tools to build and train models at scale collaboratively and more easily.

IBM Cognos Analytics 

Unearth hidden insights with a new, personalized analytics experience, driven by AI and built for any budget.   

IBM Planning Analytics 

Automate planning, budgeting, forecasting and analysis. Integrate financial and operational plans across the organization to produce more accurate forecasts. 

IBM Cognos Controller 

Software that supports the close, consolidate and report process. 

IBM Planning Analytics Express  

Planning, budgeting and forecasting for workgroups and midsize companies, along with essential reporting, analysis, dashboard, visualization and score-carding. 

IBM SPSS Statistics 

A comprehensive statistical software package for academics and business users that’s designed for ease of use. 

IBM SPSS Modeler 

Use predictive analytics to help you uncover data patterns, gain predictive accuracy and improve decision making. 

IBM ILOG® CPLEX® Optimization Studio 

Rapidly develop and deploy decision optimization models using mathematical and constraint programming. 

IBM Watson Explorer 

Explore and analyze structured, unstructured, internal, external and public content to uncover trends and patterns. 


Operationalize AI with trust and transparency

Cora (a chatbot project for the Royal Bank of Scotland) runs entirely out of the cloud, and it’s been easy to implement in the bank. That allowed us to move at the pace and also bring in extra functionality as we needed it.

—Tony Hickman, IBM Software Architect on Royal Bank of Scotland’s Cora Project

IBM AI OpenScale

Operate enterprise AI across its lifecycle and give your business the confidence to scale.

Watson Assistant

Quickly build and deploy virtual assistants across channels.

Watson Discovery

Unlock hidden value in data to find answers, monitor trends and surface patterns with the world’s most advanced cloud-native insight engine.

Watson Discovery News

Embed your applications with news made smarter through AI.


Watson Knowledge Studio

Teach Watson the language of your domain.

Watson Language Translator

Translate text from one language to another. Take news from across the globe and present it in your language, communicate with your customers in their own language, and more.

Watson Natural Language Classifier

Text classification made easy. Use machine learning to analyze text, and label and organize data into custom categories.

Watson Natural Language Understanding

Natural language processing for advanced text analysis.

Watson Personality Insights

Predict personality characteristics, needs and values through written text. Understand your customers’ habits and preferences on an individual level, and at scale.

Watson Speech to Text

Easily convert audio and voice into written text for quick understanding of content.

Watson Text to Speech

Convert written text into natural-sounding audio in a variety of languages and voices.

Watson Tone Analyzer

Analyze emotions and tones in what people write online, like tweets or reviews. Predict whether they are happy, sad, confident, and more.

Watson Visual Recognition

Quickly and accurately tag, classify and train visual content using machine learning.